Hello guys!! How’s your day? Before we even celebrate the CNY or Chinese New year, I would like to update you guys and share about what had happened last Christmas and New Year 2012. I know a lot of you posted a recap or what had happened to you last 2012 and posted a summary of what did you do on your blog or what good things and travelling you did last 2012. I hope this post is never too late after all we’re all going to celebrate Chinese New Year very soon!IMG_5294Above was the photo I posted on my instagram account(follow me @tauyanm) Which also I published on my twitter account(follow me also) and Facebook profile(subscribe guys) hehe. Greeting all of you Happy New Year before we headed in Petronas Tower and joined the countdown to 2013!!

IMG_5148 Two of my very nice friends from Dover in Singapore visited us here in Malaysia and spent the whole Christmas with them. They even brought really nice dresses for my daughter.  Thanks! YOu guys!IMG_5290Bought my husband a car! I mean a cup for Christmas! hehe


Bought my daughter Ashlee an Android Tablet hehe She have a lot of toys already and gifts that haven’t open yet from her last birthday. So this gift is perfect for her hehe.
IMG_5425 My husband gave me this My passport for my Mac! Thanks husband You know How I badly needed this thing haha So I gave my old one to my sister hehe.
to be resize I have never seen crowd like this in our street Jalan P. Ramlee. Traffic Jam and all of the people was heading to this street to party on to numbers of different clubs which is you all know that its just a stone away form our house so for the whole night it was so noisy haha.  IMG_5301

Of course the Petronas Tower is full packed of people that time! You can see a lot of different nationalities attended the countdown which happened infront of the Petronas Tower front of the Dancing fountain as well. They had Dj playing really good songs and everyone was just dancing and partying! Even the dancing fountain danced with all of them a well! Everyone was so alive that time and energetic. They even managed to play Gangnam Style song before the countdown and everyone went so crazy haha! They even had local celebrities to entertain the crowd though, I was not that interested because I am not that familiar with the artists here in Malaysia. So I hope you guys liked this update! More posts to come! Have a nice day all! God Bless! x0x0 n_____n

   Please do watch the Full Petronas Tower New Year Countdown here & subscribe also!!