Hello guys! This is just going to be a super quick post!! I just wanted to share about my daughter’s first time on how to bake some yummy cookies! I actually made it really fast, By just using the ready butter cookie mix I bought in Cold storage in Suria KLCC. Since I am not good at baking also I opt to a faster way by using this method of ready cookie mix. hehe Saves a lot more time as well! ashleebakes    Here she was that time after she made her very own cookies! She even surprised her Auntie Grace     and Daddy! They loved the cookies she baked for them!ashleebakesSo for the instructions, We just followed on what is written at the back of the box.

Things you’ll need:

1. Ready cookie mix that you can find at your favourite store.

2. 200g of Soften Butter.

3.  Some chocolate chips to make it extra yummy! (optional)

4. Vanilla essence

Baking Procedure:

1. Pre-heat Oven to 190°C

2. Mix one whole pack of the ready cookie mix with 200g of soften butter on low-speed until its evenly mix. (You can just mix it in a big bowl using your bare hands or anything that you can use to mix it altogether if you don’t have electric mixer)

3. Add 100g chocolate chips into the cookie dough, Mix, Spread the chips evenly.

4. Pinch approximately 15g dough onto a baking pan.Bake for 15-20 minutes.

Though you have to watch out for the time as well. Since this ready cookie mix is very fast to burn. So watch out for that and keep on looking at the oven and check! My daughter is wasting for all of us to finish her cookies then she can make some muffins then! But she made too many of them that we’re having a hard to finish it. Though they’re very yummy we have them cookies for snack in the after or even have some after breakfast in the morning. I eat some also before I go to bed!! Hopefully she can bake some and will surely share the information’s and recipe for you guys! Have a nice day all! x0x0

         Kindly watch her video as well while baking this cookies! Thanks all! x0x0 =)