Who Should Take the EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services Certification Exam?


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Taking the EMC E20-002 Cloud Infrastructure and Services exam demonstrates a candidate’s ability to understand infrastructure, service management, migration strategy, and security. For employers looking to hire experts in Cloud computing, the best potential employees include those candidates who have passed this exam and earned the EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services Associate (EMCCIS) certification.


A significant portion of the EMC exam will test candidates’ understanding of the Cloud and cheap viagra online will include questions on concepts such as business drivers, characteristics of Cloud, phases and activities of journey to the Cloud, Cloud deployment, Cloud benefits, and challenges associated with Cloud.


The EMC E20-002 test also requires candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of classic data center concepts. During this portion of the exam, candidates will be tested on their understanding of RAID technology, intelligent storage systems, backup and replication, and data center management. They’ll also be required to demonstrate their skills in DAS, FC, IP SAN, NAS, FCoE, and unified storage.


Remaining sections of the EMC exam will focus on the virtualized data center and Cloud services and management. During these sections of the test, candidates will be required to demonstrate their knowledge of virtualization as it relates to storage, networks, desktops, and applications. Questions on the best practices and considerations for migration to the Cloud will also be included.


In order to prepare for the E20-002 test, candidates are encouraged to take advantage of the practice tests provided by EMC. EMC also offers a video course and instructor-led course to help candidates prepare. In addition to EMC’s exam preparation, candidates can choose to use the services of TestsLive.