The bleak mid-winter is upon us, the mild and muggy December is behind, and the forecasters are warning of a frosty chill creeping into the air over the next few weeks. January and February can be unpleasant at best, or just downright freezing with the added bonus of sleet and snow. So, when the night sets in and the temperature drops, how do we keep warm without spending a fortune on nocturnal heating? It is easiest to work from the outside in. Start by getting your house, bedroom and bed nicely heated before you even get in, choose the toastiest bedding and finally, cover up with the cosiest pyjamas.

If you live in a mainly carpeted house you will already be reaping the benefits of having warmth underfoot. If you have tiles, wooden floorboards or parquet and are fed up of constantly cold feet or sliding about in socks, it may be time to invest in a lovely rug to take the chill off. A well insulated floor will do wonders to your comfort when wandering about the house. Next step is to keep doors and curtains closed to block drafts and trap some of the cool air which comes off the windows. If you have a timer-controlled central heating system, get the radiators going for a couple of hours before you go to sleep so the bedroom is nicely warmed. For most of us the worst thing is getting into a cold bed, and if you don’t fancy doing the Miranda bed-warming-dance then you might like an electric blanket or hot water bottle placed under the covers for a while before you hop in.


Your bed itself needs to be an inviting cocoon, so choose the best combination of duvet, blanket and mattress. A fleece under-blanket on top of a thick mattress provides the best insulation beneath you, while a thick puffy duvet insulates from above. The best duvets are duck down, since the feathers trap air so your body heat stays under the covers. If you do not like the idea of feathers, try a high tog (15) duvet or a layering up of low (3-5) and medium (7-9) togs. The latter option is great for seasonal changes so you have thinner duvets for spring and summer.

Finally, it is worth investing in some comfy, cosy bedclothes. To be warm at night you don’t have to dress up in thermals or some unflattering flannel two-piece. Pure silk pyjamas are actually as warm as wool or fleece yet provide a sexy and feminine look. However don’t mistake silky feel pyjamas for the real thing, as the synthetic alternative can actually be quite uncomfortable as it does not breathe. If you prefer to wear a night dress, try a fleece gown and pop some bed socks over your feet. It is well-known that our extremities lose the most heat, and if you are extremely susceptible to cold and find it hard to warm up then a soft fleece hat (silly though this may feel to wear in bed!) is the ultimate accessory.

So, if you don’t want to shiver yourself to sleep this winter, it’s time to plan the perfect nights sleep in a warm room, inviting bed and the most comfortable pyjamas.


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  1. I’m biased with the cold weather because I grew up in a cooler city, which is Baguio and its better to warm yourself with clothes than have a hard time in the heat.

  2. Me super like that we almost seem to have winter here in Manila now its fun I think and its nice to get those winter clothes out! 🙂

  3. These are really helpful and timely. Snow is coming stronger by the minute.


  4. Sana nga makagamit ako ng ganyan eh kaso hindi naman nagwiwinter dito sa pinas. Pero i’d love to wear those kind of clothes! 🙂

  5. I need one of those bed clothes due to our cold weather here.
    we also have duvets and they really keep us warm.

  6. Having the right sleeping attire is important so we are comfortable and we can sleep well too.

  7. I love cold weather! I thought we won’t have that here in the country because I’m used to experiencing cold weather in December. That didn’t happen last month, good thing it’s gotten colder now

  8. It’s so cold in the PH right now! I go to sleep wearing a hoodie these days, and with socks on, too!

  9. I hate cold weather, and this is what we are experiencing right now. Ang ginaw, so I have to wear sweat shirt most of the time plus bonnet. Sa bedtime, doon ako nagtatago sa blanket ni misis. Umiinit ang pakiramdam ko. LOL

  10. Compared to the last four winter seasons, this season is the coldest for me. Winter this year isn’t a joke. As of today, temperature outside’s at -23°C. Yes, that cold! Brrr… We have a well carpeted floor and all heaters inside our apartment’s working and I always wear socks plus my cozy slippers, pajamas and still, at night [way much colder than daytime], I have to cover myself up with a warm thick blanket while watching telly or movies with my boyfriend.

    Hope all is well where you are and not as cold as we have here!

    1. hahaha not as cold as that Mary!! im gonna be in not so good feeling with that super cold weather

  11. I’m loving the weather recently. Dressing up is more fun! And pure silk pajamas… wow. Must be so comfortable.

  12. I love cold weathers since you can do heavy layerings.. it’s just so awesome!

  13. The good thing about the cold weather, you just have to add layers of clothing to feel warmth compared to when it’s hot. The only choice is to have a place to cool down.

  14. Thanks for the tips. To keep my self warm, I usually turn our heater on, doble-dobleng damit and hide under a super thick comforter (minsan doble rin o triple). Nyahaha. BUt I so love winter. A time for me to be super fashionable. I layer clothes, parkas and everything. Yippee!

  15. Aside from clothing, you can also have a heater or a fireplace to keep you warm throughout day and night. I hate cold seasons, so it’s a good thing that I live in a tropical country. 😀

  16. I love wearing pajamas! They’re super comfy and really the perfect garment when you just want to get cozy at night 😀 Anyway, I love the chilly weather now and hope I can experience winter in the future~

  17. I am loving the weather now! Really, I love the cold weather sans the rain! I wish Phils is like this all year round!

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