Crepes for you guys out there!! Like my previous post about Tang Cha Drinks in Petaling Street, This Crepe 2U stall inside the Berjaya Times Square was Discovered by my lovely husband. It was a busy day of sunday and everyone was a having a really nice Family bonding inside the Mall. You can even see A lot of Santa Claus and fairies around walking with their bells and giving kids some goodies!


My husband wanted a snack that time and I guess one guy gave him the paper with the Crepe 2U pamphlet or whatever you call that and my husband thought that it was like the crepe we tried in Thailand. But sad to say that it is not.


My husband ordered this chocolate with banana and almonds inside it. I felt excited looking at the guys who’s making the crepe! It was a fantastic job. (Watch the video below please)


                                                           The guy making the crepe.


You can choose tons of toppings or flavoured to put inside. Some even ordered it with veggies or meats in it but I can’t think of anything really of how it would taste like because the crepe is too sweet!


                                        Putting the almonds or peanuts and chocolates hehe

crepe2utauyanm    I don’t even know how it would taste like with salty crepes! 0_____o


This are some sets you can choose from them as well. We ordered the yummy ones I guess but the crepes was too big for my sister and I that we can’t even finish half of it! It’s worth the money I think though, If you’re into hard crepe like that then this one is for you. On my opinion, I love it but once you have tasted it, It is too sweet for me. The crepe is sweet plus the chocolates and other stuff you put inside is sweet for me as well. Maybe that’s why other people ordered that salty crepes with veggies and meats on top. But for me I don’t even want to try it. I bet I will have a sore tummy hahaha. It is good for kids though, My ddaughter loves the crepe they serve. So you can either buy one crepe and share it with your kids! I will give it 5 out of 10 hehe. But don’t fret! A lot of people queue-ing in this food store so maybe it is just my opinion. Try it yourself will ya? Thanks all! God Bless! x0x0 =)

                        Watch how they make the lovely crepe here: Thanks! xiao! =)






  1. I want to try this place when I get to visit here in the future. I want to try the savory crepes since they are more of my taste rather than the sweet ones. I like the serving size very much, haha! =)

  2. Im not really into crepes. But I like their way of presenting it to the customers. i thought its just unique.

  3. WOW!!! 🙂 That’s a BIG crepe!! I wanna try that too.. I wonder if we have something like that here in Manila too :3

  4. That crepe! It’s huge! 🙂 Pang dalawang tao na siya ate. Hahaha. 🙂 I’m a big fan of crepes but I don’t think I could finish the one they serve.

  5. what a big crepe that is, i’m not into crepes though but that one looks really tempting to try.

  6. It’s been a while since I last had crepes 😀 Anyway, love how Crepe 2U presented their crepes. It looks so big! 😀

  7. I miss eating crepe! The one that I tried was the Krazy Crepe here in Davao and they’re now gone. 🙁

  8. Can your sister (based on that first photo above) consume that one at her hand? Wow! haha. Looks delicious though.

  9. I didn’t know that crepes can also be filled with meat and vegetables. Haha. I just know the pancake material can have fruits inside served with ice cream. You should have tried it–one bite won’t hurt. 😛

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