Hello there guys! Today’s posts are all about cosplay. I actually have a lot of backlogs to posts here but I really don’t know where to start. I am trying my best to share it with all of you guys though, so I hope you like all of them. They all happened this past December 2012. So about cosplay we all know that Alodia Gosiengfiao made it to the top. Now she’s recording in Japan! How cool is that?



So this cosplay thing wasn’t belong to the original plan that day like we did when we visited the Aquaria KLCC (Read the Aquaria posts here). It all started on our way to Aquaria KLCC and we started seeing this number of people wearing coloured hairs or what we called wigs and wearing this really cool costumes. So we asked someone and said that they’re having the Comic Fiesta at the Convention Centre so my husband decided to join the bandwagon and go there after we explored the Aquaria.

cosplaytauyanmcosplaytauyanmcosplaytauyanm cosplaytauyanmYou wouldn’t believe how tons of people went there! We’ve been standing in the long zigzag queue for about 2 hours I think. There’s time that we suggested that maybe we just go home because it will take much longer time than we expected before we can actually go inside. Oh! They’re having the ragnarok or some online game competitions as well in that area that time hehe

cosplaytauyanm cosplaytauyanm           Spot my husband talking to some cosplayers and gathering some information’s haha!

cosplaytauyanm cosplaytauyanm

First thank you to my so patient husband for taking all the photos and my sister also. hehe Actually you need to pay as well before you can get inside. I forgot How much though, This was all an unexpected event for us to do. We did so many random things that day. Actually remember my KL Bike week 2012? It happened also the same day we went to Aquaria and this Cosmic Fiesta 2012! How everything was so good that day that it felt so productive! haha How d’you like their costumes?

Will be posting my Second part of this posts next just because we have tons of photos and I think this deserves a second part for those who loves cosplay!