I know this is a super late post Well, It just happened this December So I guess I still have that time to pull and share this post for you guys. Sorry for the blurry photos. Flash isn’t allowed inside and as long as you dont really need to take photos is much better for the sake of the animals. Actually most of the visitors I saw viewing the aquarium were using flash even from their Phones and even if they know in the first place that flash is totally not allowed. How can you just tell this people not to use flash in a good and respectful way right? Any suggestions? I know it is hard I tried to force myself but then they are big enough already and actually they’re parents as well but still cannot follow the simple instructions that the aquaria wants to implement. You cannot indeed sometimes stop people.

aquariatauyanmaquariatauyanm   How d’you like this cool sharks? They look awesome right?


Just be patient to spot the animals one by one eh? I have too many photos of them So I wanted to share and so what I did is just collage them hehe

aquariatauyanm aquariatauyanm

aquariatauyanm aquariatauyanm aquariatauyanm

This is indeed a good place for the whole family! And be sure to visit this place if you’re gonna be in Malaysia since it is only located beside the Petronas Tower! So why waste the time just to go in Petronas Tower to take its picture when you can go as well in Aquaria and enjoy the one whole place!

aquariatauyanm aquariatauyanm aquariatauyanm aquariatauyanm

Hope you guys enjoyed this number of photos! They look bad actually because it isn’t clear at all though they are somehow of course memories that we’ve been there and we didn’t plan at all to go there that day and it was fun! It was a really good family bonding. We’re trying to lists some of the places we can visit at least once a week for a one day family bonding rather than not doing anything.

Watch the youtube Video here and explore Aquaria KLCC!! 

Location:                                                                                                                                      Aquaria KLCC Aquarium                                                                                                                Kuala lumpur Convention Centre Complex,                                                                                     Kuala Lumpur City Centre,                                                                                                               50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Visit their website:

Open daily from 10.30am – 8.00pm.
Last admission 7.00pm

               With MyKad / MyKid      Non MyKad / MyKid

Adult:                   RM 38                             Rm 50

Child:                   RM 28                             RM 40

 Senior Citizen:     RM 28                             RM 30




53 thoughts on “AQUARIA KLCC MALAYSIA + video

  1. Oooohhh this is nice. I remember when we went to Ocean Adventure in BKK. I want to check this out too! 🙂

  2. ooh cool place to visit indeed! my son will enjoy the experience. I just hope it isn’t too dark inside hehe. now Malaysia really intrigues me! I hope one day we can come visit.

  3. The place seems cool and have lots of sea creatures to see and get familiarized with which could only be encountered when you go to the depths of the ocean.

  4. There are people who are really “makulit” anywhere. Just do what you just did and always follow the instructions. You will always be on the safe side. As for the this place pala, it’s really great. I am fond of underwater animals and of animals in general, actually. Hope to visit this soon.

  5. Kahit saan may pasaway, you must live along side with them.. Ha.ha.ha.. Going to the topic, Aquarium is one place na gusto ko talagang puntahan. I fancy those reptiles and sharks. BTW nice shots kahit walang flash.

    1. i am not too sure dear though we saw some santa’s feedung the fishes and sharks hahaha

  6. Yikes at the reptiles and snakes! Eeek! I don’t like them! hahahha The sharks too are scary but it’s ok coz they’re inside the glass! I can just imagine if they all escape though! Yikes!!! ahaahahah 😀 Hay, some people are really stubborn. Can’t do anything about them baka magalit pa syo! 😀

  7. Now I know where my friend had his photo taken with a huge shark head with him. It’s in Malaysia! I really… must… should… gotta visit Malaysia! Pretty country!

  8. Is it comparable to Singapore’s Oceanpark or better? I haven’t been to Malaysia. So the Aquaria would definitely be a great and nearby stop, after viewing the Petronas Towers. 🙂

    1. yes Mai!! xx and there’s a lot of thungs also that is just walking to petronas!! read my 121212 post and you’ll see!! xx

  9. Am I seeing PIRANHA’s on the second to the last picture? Are those Piranhas? 😀

    Those kind of pets are really exciting to watch. Especially when they are being fed. They scrum on their prey in seconds.

  10. Probably its time for you to ask your husband to upgrade your camera. A Canon EOS M (digicam-like) would help you somewhat take more photos. As far as Aquaria KLCC Aquarium is concern, its a must visit for people who want to visit Malaysia (like me) 😀

  11. Great place to visit..
    Something I need to mark. 🙂
    I’m no fan of looking at caged animals, but I daresay I do enjoy visiting theme parks like these.
    They teach us to be more sensitive to nature and the creatures that live with us

  12. The sharks look real. I’ve never been to Kuala Lumpur but this is place is a must to visit. Pero parang Ocean Park lang sya ng Pilipinas. It’s still a perfect place to bring the family.

  13. Timely, I just watched Life of Pi and got amazed with rich marine life. Nice pictures, at least we got to see them upclose. But to be honest I am afraid of animals and sea creatures. 😀

  14. Nice shots. Love the place. Hope me and my whole family can visit some place like that soon. Oh, no close encounter with the animals in there?

  15. My kids want to go to Aquarium world in Dallas but never had the chance ,there are a long line of people waiting outside for their turn so hubby decided to leave. Now I am planning to go there again.

  16. I saw the entrance of this place when I was in KL a few years ago and looks like I should have tried the place as it’s packed with interesting sea creatures.

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