I know this is a super late post Well, It just happened this December So I guess I still have that time to pull and share this post for you guys. Sorry for the blurry photos. Flash isn’t allowed inside and as long as you dont really need to take photos is much better for the sake of the animals. Actually most of the visitors I saw viewing the aquarium were using flash even from their Phones and even if they know in the first place that flash is totally not allowed. How can you just tell this people not to use flash in a good and respectful way right? Any suggestions? I know it is hard I tried to force myself but then they are big enough already and actually they’re parents as well but still cannot follow the simple instructions that the aquaria wants to implement. You cannot indeed sometimes stop people.

aquariatauyanmaquariatauyanm   How d’you like this cool sharks? They look awesome right?


Just be patient to spot the animals one by one eh? I have too many photos of them So I wanted to share and so what I did is just collage them hehe

aquariatauyanm aquariatauyanm

aquariatauyanm aquariatauyanm aquariatauyanm

This is indeed a good place for the whole family! And be sure to visit this place if you’re gonna be in Malaysia since it is only located beside the Petronas Tower! So why waste the time just to go in Petronas Tower to take its picture when you can go as well in Aquaria and enjoy the one whole place!

aquariatauyanm aquariatauyanm aquariatauyanm aquariatauyanm

Hope you guys enjoyed this number of photos! They look bad actually because it isn’t clear at all though they are somehow of course memories that we’ve been there and we didn’t plan at all to go there that day and it was fun! It was a really good family bonding. We’re trying to lists some of the places we can visit at least once a week for a one day family bonding rather than not doing anything.

Watch the youtube Video here and explore Aquaria KLCC!! 

Location:                                                                                                                                      Aquaria KLCC Aquarium                                                                                                                Kuala lumpur Convention Centre Complex,                                                                                     Kuala Lumpur City Centre,                                                                                                               50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Visit their website:

Open daily from 10.30am – 8.00pm.
Last admission 7.00pm

               With MyKad / MyKid      Non MyKad / MyKid

Adult:                   RM 38                             Rm 50

Child:                   RM 28                             RM 40

 Senior Citizen:     RM 28                             RM 30