Hi guys!! I have recently discovered this Tang Cha Bubble Tea drink inside Chinatown or Petaling Street by accident or not really intended to get or have one. What happen was My family and I went inside Petaling street walking around trying to find some interesting things to see and to have some dinner there as well. I walked inside this hello kitty shop to look for some hello kitty stamps which my daughter requested for me to buy last time we were there but ignored her then. So after buying them stamps the guy who’s the cashier of the hello kitty shop actually gave me a card which he said I can redeem in Tang Cha stall nearby and get my free drinks!


Me having my ice green apple with milk flavoured drink. Didn’t have any idea what to get so opt too some safe taste which I am sure myself that there’s a chance that I can drink it hehe.

tangchatauyanm tangchatauyanm

                                                So many flavoured drinks to choose from!!

tangchatauyanm tangchatauyanm

I was totally scared that time thinking that I am not really gonna like the taste of it. But as a surprised, I loved it to bits! Even my daughter shared it with me!! I think the store is trying to start a new name. Kinda like Chatime or Koi or any bubble tea’s or drink stalls around. I am sure it is going to be a success since the first one I got was very yummy and thirst quencher indeed! My family loves to go in Petaling street since it is very near in Kota raya which is the Lucky Plaza or the Philippine store in Malaysia it is just beside of one of the end street of Petaling Market. Gotta try some other flavours next time! Plus the crew is very friendly also! They will accommodate you right away with the good smile and service!