Hello guys!! This is going to be just a quick post and update about my shopping/haul last December. I have tons of new clothes and bags to share with you guys! But since I didn’t buy all of them in one day I am going to separate the others in my next shopping/haul posts.


I noticed I haven’t been posting some vanity shots this past few days or maybe months. So this is a photo of me showing and “feeling proud” about my herbal henna tattoo I got in Batu caves for 15rm.


Dropped by for a bit in Sephora last week and bought this gorgeous metallic nail polishes I’ve seen on Pinterest! I haven’t tried them yet but I wish I can try any time soon! I love all Metallics! Don’t you?


More shopping for clothes and other stuffs so that means we’re running out of hangers as well. So I bought this hangers in Daiso and I’ll be running out of space as well if where to hang my clothes very soon! haha!


I am not really fond of wearing accessories whenever I go out though, I love collecting them and I do of course sometimes use them if I will opt to wear something so simple to make my look not so boring afte all. Saw this two lovely connector rings at Offline Blogshop in Beryjaya Times Square.                                                                    For my sister.

sephorahaultauyanm sephorahaultauyanm

              For me. Yep! Matching clothes again for us! haha We just love matching stuffs hehe


          Liquid leggings! I fell inlove with this babies right after I saw them at Offline Blogshop!

sephorahaultauyanm sephorahaultauyanm sephorahaultauyanm

I am trying to collect some printed clothes like this since all my pants are all black and boring hehe

sephorahaultauyanm sephorahaultauyanm

                                         From Offline Blogshop at Berjaya Times Square.


                                         From Offline Blogshop at Berjaya Times Square.


I love shopping at Berjaya Times Square! It’s like a super shopping mall with all the cheap clothes and you can actually find everything in this place! Plus It is air-conditioned and they have Roller coaster and other rides indoors too! Can compare to Bugis street but much cheaper prices of almost everything and Chatuchak market as well though it is inside the mall or building! Cool eh? I will try to blog and take some photos next time if which store should you go buy cheap but really nice clothes and accessories. But for now I hope you liked this cute haul/shopping clothes of mine! Thanks all! x0x0






  1. Loving your shopping haul and henna tattoo sis! 😀 PS: I’ve always wanted to wear liquid leggings but they don’t look good on me T__T

  2. That connector rings are cute! I so love the lipstick detail. I have never seen one being sold online. Will have to look further though.

    I also love the dress. Looks pretty and sexy!

    Cool to know that you shopped for your sister, too! How sweet of you!

  3. I love to go shopping but mostly for my kids. I seldom buy stuff for myself lately. You got pretty dresses there.

  4. Lucky you there’s Sephora in Malaysia! I wish there was one her too! I do like metallics as well. 🙂 Also, I am in love with your liquid leggings too!! Sooo nice! I want one! I think I wanna live in Malaysia na! Maybe i’ll find a job there then you can tour me around haha

  5. Wow! You really shop a lot! 🙂 Unfortunately, I’m not into metallic. I’m more into neutral colors when it comes to nail polish. 🙂

    1. hahah yeah! it her turm to have some nmn nit everytime its about me must share the blessis db?? thx!!

  6. Wow sis! Andaming clothes! Love it 🙂 Wanna buy those leggings too, they look awesome! Plus I think I also need more hangers for the clothes. HAHAHA

  7. Great items you have here… Fashionable but practical. You look more youthful with that henna tattoo.

  8. Is this only at Sephora? I wish to buy the lipstick for my mom on her upcoming birthday. She’ll surely love this kind of present

    1. i think so dear been searching for metallic nail polis even before p dito ko lng sa sephora ndiscover

  9. I love metallic nail polishes, too. And that pink printed dress is so cute! Looking forward to a photo of you wearing it soon. 🙂

  10. What a beautiful life you have! I’d love to shop and just shop all day everyday! lol! Love your collection! 🙂

  11. I am very envious right now. I would love to do a lot of shopping too and pamper myself as a recognition of my excellence…hehehe. Seriously, I think ladies really love to collect a lot to have great choices. They feel naked when their wardrobe or accessory choices are very few.

  12. i just so love the liquid leggings that you have there. is there a size for adults? -nice urdaneta

  13. How I wish there is Sephora in the Philippines. I like the white ‘fake’ shirt more of my style. haha

  14. I am fond of viewing fashion hauls but I’m not one who can share what I bought to the public because I’m conscious that there will be no surprise anymore at the time when I wear the pieces. You don’t feel the same meh? In any case, those are great finds. Also, now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m missing Sephora! 😀

    1. hihi not at all i guess somehow people get excited to see hownyou’ll wear those pieces!! thx!!

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