Hi guys!! Happy new year everyone!! How’s your 2013 going so far? Is there a lot of good things happened to you last 2012 that’s truly to be missed this 2013? Did you enjoy the countdown last night? I’m sure you all did! Hopefully we can go back in Philippines this December 2013 to be able to celebrate a proper and a joyous Christmas and New Year! I am totally missing all the noise there!


Sorry for the crowns on our tummy! hehe The huge belly button is not cooperating or we were just too full that time and the belly button is popping out! Not a lovely scene to view here hehe.


 First time in Sunway Pyramid Mall!! Actually they have a resort somewhere at the back or beside the Mall but haven’t check that out yet. My husband is just in the mood to go malling that time.


Hello there! I thought I’ll wear my Cleopatra costume next time and do a photoshoot here since this fella’s here are such huge thing to play with. Enjoying their Gold colours! Looks amazing!


On our way to Sunway Pyramid Mall, Saw this on their LRT With Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes! Cannot remember what this teleserye is. I’ve been away in the Philippines for so long hehe


How do you like our matchy-matchy top that day huh?! My sister and I wearing the racerback we bought at Offline shop in Berjaya Times Square! And loving their stuffs there!! Should make a separate blogpost for that one time! The shoes from Bata and Ashlee’s top is from her Auntie Grace Lazaro Who gave it last October for her Birthday! hihi

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Another thing to enjoy in Sunway Pyramid mall is their Kid rides available for adults as well haha! Its my Daughter’s first time to ride it and I thought She’ll freak out and get scared! and me? Its been a long time since I ride a Ferris Wheel and this one excites me a lot haha! But because its a kids ride its a bit slower though, hehe I almost fell asleep while riding it. But all in all that is a one heck of a good day to celebrate and to do again one more time with my family! Enjoyed the shopping as well almost 50 to 70% off all the signatures like topshop, Zara and a lot more!! Cool eh? This place feels so far away from our house though, But a nice place to spend a whole day with friends and family!

You can watch my not so excited video here riding the ferris wheel with my daughter. Enjoy!