Hi guys before we hit 2013 and kick off 2012 I would like to first update you guys about my daughter’s birthday last October 29, 2012. She turned 5 years old. I was so busy with all the moving and relocating stuff so forgot to blog about this special day of my daughter Ashlee. I would like to share you guys what she received for her birthday. Please do check also her Photos and what had happened to her birthday celebration in this post here. See you there guys. hehe =)ashleebdaygifts2012tauyanm ashleebdaygifts2012tauyanm ashleebdaygifts2012tauyanm ashleebdaygifts2012tauyanm ashleebdaygifts2012tauyanmThis is all the photos of all the gift she received! I forgot to count all of them but all of those are gorgeously love and my daughter is totally enjoying them this time around!

Iashleebdaygifts2012tauyanm  Her sweet friends includes their special birthday cards as well with all their sweet thoughts! ashleebdaygifts2012tauyanm

This is a recent shot of her from my Iphone that she’s playing with her Bead stuffs she got from her birthday. She thought of making some really nice bracelets for her friends with their names on it to make it more extra special ones. She’s enjoying making bead bracelets and necklaces as well for now. Most of her gifts she haven’t open them yet. She’s trying to save them and stick them to their proper boxes since she have lots of toys to play with still. Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Dont forget to read the Birthday post part 1 here also. THanks a lot god bless all! x0x0 =)

You can watch the Video here as well! Enjoy the Video! ThankS all! God Bless x0x0 =)




26 thoughts on “MY DAUGHTER’S BIRTHDAY GIFTS 2012

  1. Cool gift stuffs, like the pink color. She had an awesome birthday with flooded gifts, lucky girl.

  2. Wow baby girl you gotta love all of your gifts there. A happy girl full of love from her parents, friends and the so-called instant family as well.

  3. I believe your daughter really felt like a princess during her birthday! With those gifts, it will take months before she asks you to buy her new toys. 😉

  4. Yay! Iba talaga noh pag sa atin. we will give them everything and let then feel as if mabili natin lahat ng gusto nila. Didn’t bought for Kian that much kasi baby pa eh. masasayang lang. Anyway Happy New Year! 🙂

  5. Belated happy 5th birthday to your daughter! 🙂 She’s so sweet to make beaded bracelets for her friends. And it’s amazing how she’s so masinop with her toys, keeping them in boxes until she decides to play with them.. 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday and Nice gifts for your daughter. Take good care and love her during these formative years. Its the best time to show them you love them so that they will return the love even as they grow older

  7. Ashlee is one lucky little girl! She’s got tons of gifts! haahhaha It’s every little girl’s dream to open so many beautiful gifts. So nice of her friends to make cards for her too! 😀 She might have a feature in jewelry making! Encourage her! eheheheheh

  8. Oh, i can see the joy in her eyes while opening her gifts. Priceless reaction from her while checking out the awesome gifts she received.

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