Hi guys!! Merry Christmas to all of you! What’s up with the New Year? Any New year’s Resolution to make this 2013? I am still thinking of that but for now I would like to share all of you my daughter’s Birthday photos! Long overdue I know but It’s better to be late than never right? I am sure all of you knows how Busy I am the past months with all the moving stuffs here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. So I’d thought I’ll share all the happenings happened before the 2012 will pass by my eyes without knowing it. So I hope you guys Enjoyed this photos below! ashleebday2012  Ashlee’s cake With her face on it! Yes! We cut it indeed haha ashleebday2012 ashleebday2012 ashleebday2012  Singing Happy birthday for her! We decided to put down the cake on the grass because all the kids were excited to see the cake No one can give some space for Ashlee to stand in front of it. ashleebday2012This cake is from one of the Dover girls Mich and Vanghie! Thank you girls! It was very yummy!

ashleebday2012  Everyone’s que-ing up for the Piñata Games!! I chose A little pony for them to hit haha! So mean!!ashleebday2012 ashleebday2012  I bought some of them Glowing stick or whatever you call it haha! Feels like New Year on my daughter’s birthday!! Happy that they enjoyed it a lot! ashleebday2012 ashleebday2012 ashleebday2012  Ashlee Vittoria and Cathy!ashleebday2012



ashleebday2012 ashleebday2012 ashleebday2012 ashleebday2012 ashleebday2012

ashleebday2012  My sister holding the Vodka and the deadly Tequila! ashleebday2012

Everything went fine! Take note that I invited all of the kids that I know in Dover Parkview Condominium since we knew already that we’re going to move in KL Malaysia that time so that would be the farewell party for them as well! Much better to invite everyone rather than there’s a poor kid crying beside or watching because he/she is not invited right? Well as I’ve said everything went really good and fun all the kids enjoyed the party and even the adults as well! Thanks for all the mothers who guided their kids to Ashlee’s Birthday and thanks to all my friends Dover Girls for helping me as well The whole time of preparation for my daughters happiest day of 2012!! We misses you guys a lot!

You can watch the Video here as well! Enjoy the Video! Thank all! God Bless x0x0 =)




40 thoughts on “MY DAUGHTER’S 5TH BIRTHDAY 2012

  1. Belated Happy Birthday dear Ashlee. You are very blessed to have a very supportive family and friends. Your birthday looks like a fiesta with so many kids and parents around. 🙂

  2. that was good of you to invite all the kids in your building…you may no longer be there but I am sure, everyone will remember Ashlee’s 5th birthday party.

  3. Your daughter Ashlee got a wonderful birthday, attended by a wonderful guests, with a wonderful cake donned with wonderful color of mom’s favorite! Everything was wonderful. Belated happy birthday to your lovely kid, Ashlee dear… 🙂

  4. Seems like you all had fun, children and adult alike! Your little princess will surely treasure this moment of her life. Belated happy birthday to her and happy new year!

    PS. Now I’m craving for a cake. uh-oh. hehe 🙂

  5. It’s great you took photos during that memorable day. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be happy to see it again someday. can you say Belated Happy Birthday to your daughter for me 🙂

  6. More birthdays to come! You have a very lovely daughter and I like the birthday cake a lot…hahaha…just too bad you had to slice it. Well anyway, the pictures will serve as our memories for such a joyous occasion. Happy New Year and take good care of your kid while she’s still young and endearing. Pag tumanda na yan…mahirap ng yakapin sa hara ng maraming tao…mahihiya na to be called a mommy’s daughter…hehehe

  7. Lovely girl coming from a lovely mother. This is a tribute to your daughter and when she grow old and goes back to this one she will see how much you love her.

  8. Celebrating birthdays with family and close friends is more meaningful than any other gift in the world, for me that is. Awesome cake she has there. Belated Happy Birthday to you daughter! 🙂

  9. Nice cake and looks like all the kids and adults had fun. Belated Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  10. belated happy birthday to your cute daughter! her cake looks yummy! pwede bang kainin ang picture? hehehe -nice urdaneta

  11. Belated Happy Birthday Ashlee. ^_^ I’m sure she and her new found friends had a great time. ^_^

  12. grabe!! you honestly dont look like you have a kid na! so sexy mo and so pretty 😀 anyways happy birthday to your daughter 🙂

    The Bargain Doll

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