Some random post for today guys! The other day my husband decided to go and visit Sunway Pyramid shopping Mall. Which is famous here in Malaysia to be having their Sunway Lagoon resort with all the exciting activities there. Though, We didn’t go there and just stayed at the shopping Mall. Enjoyed their Rides for kids and adults as well. Tried to hop on the carousel and ferris wheel too!

IMG_5079ZarashoesrandomtauyanmBought this Zara shoes! The sales there is totally crazy! 50 to 70% off!


This lovely high heel shoes from Zara. Actually tried this one time in Singapore but didn’t feel like it. So I must be crazy letting this pass my eyes with the cheap price.

 For my sister, She bought this Zara ankle boots! woot! woot! I

IMG_5081Bought this wrap around Vincci watch as well. Since my other watch I bought in Thailand is dying on me already. Tried to fix it every time but I gave up now haha

ZarashoesrandomtauyanmMy husband and I first ever date in Kuala Lumpur with just the two of us. It’s very easy now because the bars and clubs is just around the corner of our condo. haha


Had some tequila sunrise and some chicken satay’s as well. yumyum!


My lovely daughter opened her Beadset she got last October for her birthday! She wanted to make some bracelets for her friends back in Singapore as a remembrance and Christmas gifts! She misses her friends already and all the bonding they had before. My sister and I did a lot of shopping this December. Will try to posts all of them here to share with guys our lovely finds! So I hope you like this random post! Till next time. God Bless all x0x0






  1. I’d like to have the red ankle boot one 🙂 I haven’t have red shoes yet. cool sis. http://www.jollytoes.com/2012/12/17/konvine-rollable-flat-shoes-review/

  2. The Zara Ankle Boots really give me a BIG AHHHH…..the embellishments and the design on this brown booties so COOL!

  3. Your sister’s ankle boots is super nice and the watch too! I bet your daughter enjoys making beaded bracleets for her friends! 🙂

  4. Lovely shoes, both of you ♥ Shoes and accessories are the only thing left to buy on my list and my wishlist will be complete! 😀

  5. Ikaw na ang mahilig sa Zara! Haha I like both shoes but I love the details of the boots. Superb! Lovely couple <3

  6. I love the black shoes! I have a shoes collections too, but in running I run bare 😉 And for the Zara price, for sure it’s expensive too!

  7. Baaam! I so love the high heel shoes you purchased. It’s so pretty and sexy. Is it comfy, too? I so love items on sale. 50 to 70% off — awesome!

  8. Oh my God that heels! I’m always looking out for Zara sales, especially 1-2 weeks before it ends. That’s usually when the prices are lowest!

  9. the shoes are awesome. at 70% off? that’s totally crazy!!!
    and oh, your hubby and you look good together.. <3

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