Hi guys! I am writing this wish lists for Christmas for some inspirations or something that I really want to receive for christmas or maybe my birthday as well if that counts. Yes! I said it right! This list is all my “wants” and not my “needs” at all. Well, For girls like us There’s a fine line between wants and needs but with all the dwellings between the two of them most of us gets the wants rather than needs. I am a wife and mom. I have more priorities or should I say things that I must get for our new house or more needs to be a mom to get or to be a good wife. Intense budgeting and all is the key so I could get all my wants after getting all the needs. Impulse buying is not a good thing that most of us girls are guilty of. But Because this is all about my “All I want for Christmas” blog post, And its free to dream and wish, I would like to share some finds that I saw online and fascinates me a lot. Hope you like it!


I’m always fond of wearing this kind of neckline. Makes me feel more sexy and skinny.

I don’t really wear blazers or something to double up my outfit. But because its my wishlist why not?

Loving this pants with all the details.

This bag kinda like mango inspired looks so gorgeous! Candy in my eye!

Because I love metallics, & everything that’s glittery and shiny.


I’ve been seeing bloggers wearing this kinda like top and im liking it as well.

I saw this in ZARA Suria KLCC the other day and tried it! Feels good on my feet!

My sister like this as well. Saw some celebs wearing this and totally rocking it!


Because New York City is the country I would want to go to and visit wearing my stilettos feels like Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the city. Wear this with pink tutu haha!

Honestly, I don’t have this captoe craze court shoe. So if ever I would like to own one.

Saw this on ASOS website and drooled over this “So me” shoes! So chic in black and pink!





So that’s all! My short all I want for christmas lists. If you guys ask me if I can only choose one thing with all this lists I have in here I would choose the last photo of shoes with pink lips design from Asos. Or maybe the gold captoe from ZARA and Asos as well haha Sorry! Its so hard to choose just one. But because I’m a shoe-addict I will be forever choosing shoes over clothes hehe. Well, I totally enjoyed this batch and hoping at least I can have one of them this Christmas or my birthday! But if not Its just ok. We’re on a tight budget this month since we just moved in to this country so a lot of things need to prioritize first. We need to get back in track first then maybe I can have something from this lists someday. Oh! I would like to have some of the Foruchizu clothes and accessories as well but I can’t find some photos though, But anyways, Do you guys have a wishlists this Christmas? Share it with me and leave a sweet message on the comment box below. I guess, I should write things we need for our house too! Like furnitures or some appliances we need. Will think about that! Thanks guys! God Bless all! X0x0







  1. whoah!!! i didnt know you love black!!! those are really a wishlist. be good, santa might hear! 🙂

    1. I lsove balck though im trying to buy some stuffs which is more neons and prints hehe xx

    1. Yes indeed mam Tess!! Hehe h&m more cheaper though hehe mging pulubi nko soon sa zara hehe merry xmas mam tess!!xx

  2. You have a fab Christmas wishlist indeed, I hope you get them all crossed out from your list soon 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  3. Sis ,ayos sa wishlist ha. The shoes ba like mo the best. Kita naman sa mga dating posts mo. Ikaw na talaga ang pwedeng maging model.

  4. You and my sister have the same taste when it comes to clothes and accessories. Have a Merry Christmas.

  5. I hope you get all your wishes this Christmas and I’m sure people are now thinking of giving you these items at this moment.

    1. Hahaha kinda like that but instead my husband gve me cash so i can get the things that i really wanted hehe xx

  6. I so love the black bag and the ASOS shoes. Okay. Throw in the ZARA shoes, too. Lovely!

    I do have a wish list like you and most of the items on the list have been granted 🙂 Gotta create another wish list for 2013! 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  7. Once in a while yes we can get our wants rather than our needs 🙂 Those items on your wish list will definitely look good on you! Merry Christmas!

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