Hello guys!! Today is the day that our place is finally quite! I mean, Not quiet as quiet is, But because for the past two days all we can hear is all the boomin’ and clashing motor bikes everywhere! I mean, its crazy but the sounds didn’t sound like so nice and fun at all. We even had a hard time sleeping because the place where they did the program is just infront of our Condo! So I am guessing next year or the next after next year would be the same so nothing We can do with that but to just get use to the sounds for a couple of days of the event. My husband seems to enjoy it though, Photos below. Enjoy!klmalaysiabikeweek2012tauyanmklmalaysiabikeweek2012tauyanm

klmalaysiabikeweek2012tauyanmklmalaysiabikeweek2012tauyanm klmalaysiabikeweek2012tauyanm klmalaysiabikeweek2012tauyanmklmalaysiabikeweek2012tauyanm klmalaysiabikeweek2012tauyanm IMG_7863klmalaysiabikeweek2012tauyanm IMG_7862 klmalaysiabikeweek2012tauyanmSo this event was held just this December 21 and 22, 2012 at the Parking lot in front of KLCC Organized by Red Garage Malaysia. I did some research earlier So I guess this popularity of Bike Clubs in Kuala Lumpur is getting bigger and bigger! So my husband and I is expecting this event next year again. I won’t mind if they would celebrate it again anywhere near our house despite the noises that I can’t take and sleepless nights while this event is going on is fine for us. My husband would like to maybe join next year even though we don’t have or own any Harley Davidson motor bike haha. I guess if you want to participate in the event with your motor bike and join the raffles and all you needed to register and RSVP’ed to them. But if you just want to go and shop to their stalls or even just go there and drool over those amazing looking Big Bikes, You can do so as what my husband did hehe. You can go and walk around freely in the event without the need to pay for the entrance. Oh! You might spot my sister and I somewhere in their event/websites/forum if ever, Someone took photos of us yesterday. Because we looked somehow funny wearing our hair-fairy ears we bought at the Comic fiesta 2012. Will blog about that next so Keep up with my blog! Ok lah? Gob bless all! x0x0 =)




42 thoughts on “KUALA LUMPUR BIKE WEEK 2012

  2. I’ve always wanted to ride on those big bikes and drive on an express way. I like the feel of the wind rushing through my face. 🙂

  3. Nice good looking bikes they have. I want a bike that resembles “ghost rider” bike hehe. Old and rusty but a goodie.

  4. Awesome event! I remember the Big Bikers Club back in Sarawak, and how they’d drive their Harleys and Indians all around town 🙂 bikes have become cultural in Malaysia; strictly a commuter vehicle here in the Philippines in comparison.

  5. I recall attending a Bikefest here in Manila though the bikes were rather on display than being on the road.

  6. When reading the title of the post, my brain thought of bicycles at once. Then while reading the body and seeing the photos… then, I realized I was wrong. It’s all about the big broom broom [and yes, noisy as you mentioned] bikes.

    The event does look very cool. SAd though that you were having difficulties sleeping.

  7. My eyes fancy those big bikes! Once i have a 1000 cc Scrambler bike. ang sarap ng feeling na I and my bike gang show-off our toys.

  8. I’m not really fond of Bikes, but this one seems to be a good event. Moreover, the bikes look good and with class.

  9. Amazing! An event to support the biking community and Harley Davidson riders. A friend once told me that in her restaurant a group of bikers visited and she was so surprised because she didn’t expect them to be interested in her food. She owned a vegetarian resto but apparently, they are healthy eaters too. Im sure next year’s event will be bigger. Do tell us if you are joining. 🙂

  10. I remember my former boss with this post. He loves riding and goes every week if his schedule permits. He has one of those big bikes (not the one in the movies though :P)

  11. Noise pollution. haha. My cousin is a member of those kinds of groups and they actually enjoy biking anywhere where there is an event. Thanks for sharing though. 🙂

  12. that’s a lot of bike in one location… I can already imagine the noise made by the bikes as they arrive and go from the location…

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