Heya guys! This post today is all about the fantastic Jelly Bunny Shoes flats or even high heels made with Pure PVC. You can compare it to Crocs since they are both plastic but to think about the price, I would say I go and buy at Jelly Bunny Store. Have you tried something similar like this?

IMG_4907 IMG_4899

Why? It is because the store looks really nice and fancied everything. Look how they actually displayed everything depending on their colours, designs and sizes so its much easier to decide for us girls. I know, We are guilty of thinking too much about stuffs like this hehe.

IMG_4904Their hanging displays looks so gorgeous! I want my walk-in closet to be like this too!


Some more displays where you can choose what design and head over to the other side for the colours you want and size of your feet of course!!

IMG_4901 IMG_4900

Check this out! Lovely displays at their window attracting customers haha! I am so sorry but I know my photos here doesn’t do the justice of how lovely these shoes’ are!


The Jelly Bunny of course with my sister and daughter Ashlee! Don’t you love Jelly Bunny now? His not jelly or made of PVC though, haha! Just kidding!


 I swear their shoe catalogues looks so nice! I’ve got like 4 of them! It’s free also If you want to have some collections of jelly bunny shoes you can always take a look at this catalogues for future purchases! So you can decide very easy what shoes you can buy next hehe


How kind are they to be putting the PVC shoes inside a very safe plastic like this or like ziplock thing. Then they put it as well inside the paper bag! Too much effort to think that the shoes itself is PVC.


My friend Jonha bought this for herself remembrance that she visited us here in Malaysia.


This one for my sister. Supposed to get a matchy matchy one for us but….


I totally decided to get this heart designed clear PVC ones since I can pair it with everything plus the heart shape design looks so pretty hehe I am all ready for the rain here in Kuala Lumpur. I can’t stand seeing all my flat shoes getting ruined very fast because of the rain. At least this one is made of PVC and totally 100% waterproof! It is so comfy to wear! Good for walking or doing everything! It doesnt give me a hard time or even feel yucky or uncomfortable feeling ever since I wore this. Even my sister’s! She’s loving her Jelly Bunny To bits! We’re planning to buy some more very soon and have a collection. They are not pricey at all. The range is about 30RM to 50RM I think for those who wants to buy high heel shoes! Very affordable and chic! Check them out at Suria KLCC beside Isetan Grocery store. They also have a lot of stores in Thailand! That’s it for now! God Bless all! x0x0 =)

Visit their Facebook Page here and their Main Website here.





  1. Now this is something I will need for this season. I hope I can find something as pretty as the one you bought.

    1. yes mam teresa! very functional and useful for me! since it is transparent i can just pair it with any colours of my outfits! plus its waterproof i wont worry if there’s rain! I am sure there’s a jelly bunny PH as well

  2. ang cute naman sa jelly bunny! its like melissa but cheaper :D:D i hope i can visit that shop soon! (asa pa:P)

  3. Wow!! Reminds me of Melissa Shoes too but if it’s cheaper than Crocs then it’s definitely cheaper than Melissa! I’m seeing some really cute designs! I wanna fly to KL just to buy some! hahahahaha 😀

  4. I’m not sure if this was the same brand that I saw in SG, but the bunny looks really familiar.
    I love your sister’s pair, BTW. 🙂

  5. haven’t heard from this brand yet in the Philippines but i’m sure there are shoes similar to that here :D, i love how organized their store is.

  6. They have a really cool design… although I think they should put more colors to give it a more high fashion look.. 🙂

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