Talk about sexy. How would you define sexy? For me sexy is everyone! Charot! haha Everyone can be sexy in their simple ways. Maybe most of us or may I say that I know few people who thinks that they are not sexy in any way that they can think of. Be positive everyone! We’re all sexy! Believe me!


Meet Jonha My friend. I met her not so long ago. Actually I just met  her last week of October when we’re celebrating my daughter’s barbecue birthday party. I invited her to come to our place and bring a friend as well and she didn’t hesitate to come since We waited so long for this meet up to happen but we keep on moving the schedule for the sake of another blogger, Which became too complicated for this blogger to actually meet up with us since She was busy that time for work and that’s the month as well that she needed to go back in Philippines for a vacation. We understand her side. So anyway, We finally had that chance to meet each other in person and in not so nice way haha!


She arrived in The barbecue pit where all my friends got so drunk already and take note that I am as well was a little bit dizzy that time haha. I was like talking too much already and whatever you define a drunk girl is, I am like that, that moment. I told Jonha that I was ashamed meeting a famous blogger like that and kinda rude I think. Though, I managed to keep her welcomed and not so out-of-place in the party since I have friends in Dover who can speak to her own dialect back in Philippines.


So the party was over and everyone was drunk and I Just wanna say that we had flowing tequila’s that night. Jonha,  who isn’t drinking and not into alcohol at all had the chance that night to see and witness how drunk people can be. I even showed her photos of what happened after she left the place. haha


So then, After those not so good but fun things that happened, We became very close and to my friends I left back in Singapore. They get to meet up every sunday and have fun on their rest days. Jonha and I stayed connected on Viber and other social netwoking sites since we’re too far away to each other and make sure we make chikka everything.


It’s not so hard to be with and go along with Jonha. Just be true to yourself and that’s probably the best thing you can do and while you’re having fun with her. She’s very nice, humble and jolly. She just go with the flow to whatever happens and you will be in a good condition and will enjoy the day with her.


She is actually a family for us already. She used to sleepover a couple of times or may I say 3 times now and it feels good to have a family while you’re in other country. We always talk about everything and believe me, there’s no hiding with her and she’s very true like that. Last time she was here, We talked and make chikka about life, make emo to ourselves at the balcony in the morning and we made each other so inspirational that we can’t even believed that we said those opinions to both of us.


It is indeed amazing to have such friends who you know that is true to themselves and not a fake person at all. She is famous in so many Social media sites. Her blogs have an amazing views everyday, Take-note as well the numbers of followers on twitter and subscribers on her facebook.(compare to -mine).

IMG_7480But despite all of this fame, She remain so humble to everyone. She never made me feel that my blog is nothing compare to her. That my followers and subscribers are not even 1% part of hers. She is so open with everything. She never say, not even once to me that I am only a newbie blogger. I’ve encountered few bloggers already that even when they talk or write, They praise their ownselves for being on the top of the blogging industry or they already have big heads just to say.


I am happy to say that Jonha belongs to one of my closest friends already. I feel home whenever I’m with her, or even when I am with the other girls back in Singapore. We always stay connected and send messages to each other everyday. She maybe miles away but remember true friends is always    there no matter what,  no matter how far your distance is. Friends will always be friends. Forever.


I am happy as well that even my sister and husband or even my daughter get along too well with her. So that’s why I can say that she and the other girls back in Singapore is already our family. Forever.


So happy that she visited us here in Malaysia. Even if it was a short time only. My family enjoyed her company and her friend Ana also. We got the chance that time to borrow each other’s earrings and even shoes! Well, that’s what girlfriends do right? Borrow each others precious stuffs.


Hence, The title. One of her so many blog called Saving is Sexy. Yeah! I made this post all about her. Since all the photos posted in this section is just her, Before she even invade my blog and have some unbelievable views, This is my blog ok? She’s awesome, and we already knew about that hahaha


Hello guys, Meet Kenneth the super boy waiter in one of the famous clubs that you can find in Jalan P. Ramlee. He is somehow mixed malay and chinese but not so sure. This guy is awesome. He knows how to speak tagalog and telling us that he will be one of the pinoys soon. Getting married soon?


So back to Jonha and forget about Kenneth will ya? I guess she enjoyed the short weekend escape here in KL Malaysia which is not so “escape” because her work keeps on hunting her in the middle of night! Can you believe it? She was working the whole of her last night in KL and got so worried about it. Well, She’s awesome like that, That she managed it right away. I forgot to give her champagne at home also. I am not a bad influence ok? But I am just good that I convinced her to drink one glass last time and she even splurged on it and told me it was yummy. Ended up at the couch sleeping before we actually finish the movie that night. Ok. I am missing this girl already. To you Jonha, be strong and fight back! Don’t let them be on your way. Stop being so emo ok? Analyze and Solve the problem will ya? You can do it! I trust you! I am just here. Always. Keep safe. muah! (love letter moment) x0x0 =)


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