Like every girls all over the world, My sister and I are both addicted to clothes, shoes and of course accessories. I admit I barely buy accessories in the mall myself because they are expensive “for me” already. I love going to-night markets bazaars, flea markets or where ever place that sells very cheap stuffs that can help me to save and help my pocket as well for budgeting. In Singapore they do a lot of bazaar’s like or have flea markets or go to some where like Chinatown or Little India or Arab Street you can definitely score a lot of very cheap stuffs which I really miss. Talking about mall places I always go check out 3 for 10 stores or gifts shops where you can find in any mall since you can save more by buying 3pcs. of something instead of just 1 piece. Who wouldn’t like that idea right?

Since we moved in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia It’s a bit hard to go shopping since I needed to get used to their currency and there I go again converting everything in Singapore Dollar. Not so hard though, But most of the time I do that really. I am not new to some places here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia but recently found this LOVISA store inside Suria KLCC which every one knows that its only a walking distance from our house. Bought some few pieces to their store and fell in love with it.

 I’ve been eyeing this store for quite some time now ever since we moved in here. But since we’re on a budget, I don’t wanna go somewhere that I am sure I can’t resist to buy something and maybe buy a lot instead of just checking it out or do window shopping. It’s like killing yourself inside a store for girls like me not buying  anything and you’re totally dying. I know it’s exage but girls are girls. Plus the crew or salesladies in LOVISA store at Suria KLCC were very nice. I mean they entertain you without that feeling saying “hey! you go buy something fast” or like those Old ladies in department stores explaining all the stuffs even you’re not interested at all or feeling like they annoyed you already. But these girls are such a nice girls! No wonder A lot of people go to their store because of their very good and warmth service they give to their customers! Cheers for them! Well. That’s a very small haul we bought in their store for now. Looking for another purchase and visits in the future. It’s gonna be my fave store from now on I think. Will blog more about them soon! Thanks guys! X0X0 God Bless!