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Today, Is the day that this ankle boots’ above broke my heart. I saw them earlier at H&M though, The captoe one is supposed to be Zara’s and a good angel some how showed me this two ankle boots at the shop earlier. But guess what? How lucky I am that I am holding the last pair in my size w/c is 8 and because “someone” too close to me told me that I am not actually going to wear them so 250RM for the Margiela ankle boots is not worthy at all. That I would like to buy it just to show off and take pictures and then just hide it inside my closet. Of course I will show it off, Because I am going to wear it outside! When is the time that you guys will understand? Well, If you have the boy who won’t interrogate you and stop you from buying something that you really like for a long, long, long, time already, Marry that boy girls! As in now!! I have limitations in deciding whether I will buy the shoes or not but this time I waited for so long, Even before we left Singapore I am dreaming of this shoes already. I am totally grumpy and mad. I cannot accept the fact that I waited so long for this shoes and suddenly here I am writing this grumpy post trying to let the loneliness out inside me. I want to cry, I wanna kick and punch some one I am too grumpy that I am hanging for something to fall in my eyes. Oh! well. That’s life! Sometimes you are not lucky enough. You cannot have both worlds even if you can. Because someone is just there to stop you in that very moment of your total happiness. I’m telling you guys! Like I want to jump of so much joy that they have the last pair in my size! I’m like a kid that she saw the barbie that she really likes! Well, Just kill yourself for a year of loneliness until you find another shoes that you like and “need” and  not just to show off or whatever reason it is. Even if I know myself or even that particular person knows that it is just the thing that can make you happy. Anyways, This are just only my opinions about how “cool” my life is. Don’t judge peepz! x0x0

 As Carrie Bradshaw says; “I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet”.              Yes. My shoes are inside the closet but not hanging though,                                                             Well, It’s not my money anyway, Xiao! Xiao! =(


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