To every houses I’ve been to before I even leave Singapore to move here in Malaysia, What I always noticed to those houses are, They all have the same brand of furnitures around the house. What can you even think is of course its IKEA. What’s more interesting is, Even in our own house all I can see myself is all Ikea.


 My husband bought this bookshelf just because he have this books that needs a proper place.


This for our desk to put anything in it. We can just throw anything inside hehe.


This I bought for myself to put my really nice photos in a different way. But ended up stocked inside my cabinet and I just gave it to my sister.


For my daughter’s toy storage. After she play, She would throw all of her toys in one of this boxes if where they can fit, and voila!! She cleaned her mess and tidy up her room all by herself! Lols!


This kitchen the she always wanted! Its got red light as well stands as fire in the stove! Cool eh?


This for the refills of our hand soaps to each and every bathrooms & small rubbish bins as well.

ikeatauyanmThis one for the dirty clothes! Just throw ’em all inside! And shoot 3 points!! wooot! woot! =)

Since its Christmas month and holiday season is approaching very fast, I’m planning to go to Ikea here in Malaysia and grab something that we needed in our house. Yes! We have triple the size of the house now compare to what we have back in Singapore. So I wrote down some lists that we needed and thinking to get them where else but in Ikea. Most trusted furnitures plus tons of ideas you can get while your walking around their store.

Ikea Shopping lists:

  • Side tables for the lounge room
  • Lamps
  • Spoons & Forks. Because we only have 3 forks and 5 spoons left after we moved hehe.
  • Wine glasses. We need more of this.
  • Placemats
  • Dish rack
  • Mirrors for the bathrooms & a “vanity” mirror for my sister and I. Lols!
  • Cushions for the lounge room.
  • Office Chairs

And the lists keeps on going everyday. So this month I guess is the right time to buy these things we really needed for our new house. Since Ikea also have great discounts and deals this Christmas.


As what Ikea said. Christmas magic doesn’t just make itself, So watch out for this Ikea Advent calendar and discover great deals this Christmas. Just hover over the stockings in each box to see the great deals each day. Omg! You must check it out asap! As in now! TRY HERE.

I am so looking forward to go shopping at Ikea here in Malaysia just so I can have a good and easier life again and to get the vanity mirror is the best gift I can have and of course my sister would camwhore a lot and make giant photos of her in front of the mirror hehe.

How about you? Do you have any particular things at home that you bought from Ikea? Or I bet that you want to go shopping with me as well and get vanity mirror Lols! n______n


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