Photo above is the screenshot of where, The following places located and to show you guys also how close this places are to where we staying now. Started the Letters in since the presented as our location. 

B: The Malaysian Tourism Centre or MaTiC: Located at Jalan Ampang, It is a tourist destination itself. It was renovated in 1988 for its present use as a non-stop tourist information complex. It also offers cultural activities and shops selling crafts and Malaysian Products.

C: Menara Kuala Lumpur or KL Tower: is a Telecommunications tower located on a green hills            called Bukit Nanas which means “Pineapple Hill”. The forest here is the only original jungle left in the City Centre which makes KL the only city in the world with virgin forest remaining in its centre. Menara KL tower is an observation tower which is open to the public and is the best place to get an eagle’s eye view all around the city.

D: Jalan P. Ramlee: Named after a famous and well-loved Malaysian Actor, Singer and Film-maker, Jalan P. Ramlee is just a stone away in Petronas Tower. This is the street where you can see a lot of clubs and numbers of restaurants specially the famous Beach club.

E: Zouk Club: A must place for the party goers as well. Choose a room to suit your mood at multi-level super club Zouk, with flashy plasma screens and LEDs in the main room, and plush fabrics in the grown-up Velvet Underground.

F: KL City Walk: Located at Jalan P. Ramlee Street. This street is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur Centre. Here you can find some great finds at some retail stores. Share Food and beverage stalls as well as you walk the path in this City walk.

G: Hard Rock Cafe’: As everyone would always see any place in the world it this rockin’ cafe’. I would want to come go in here and get some souvenir’s or a real hard rock cafe’ t-shirt haha.

H: Aquaria KLCC: Everyone will enjoy this as it is an educational place for the kids and for a good family bonding as well. They have permanent exhibits of large variety of fishes and marine life.

I: KLCC Convention Centre: Located at Jalan Pinang, One of the most modern convention centres in Southeast Asia.

J: KL City Park: A place where you can find huge playground for all the kids out there specially to those who come in this place on weekends, They have a lot of greenery site to see a huge playgrounds and a swimming pool too!

K: Suria KLCC: Did somone say shopping? Yes! As I am living just a stone throw away in Suria KLCC I do my groceries here almost everyday and they also have those designer and signature clothes to choose from. Prada, Coach, LV, Tiffany and CO.

L: Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex: Well known handicraft centre for Malaysian Souvenir items produced by Malaysian’s own craftsmen and small industries.

M: The Petronas Twin Towers: Of course! Before I forgot! The number one good reason why I wrote this lists is this very good view in our house or where we live now is The Petronas Twin Towers. We can see any where part of our house! This is the Icon of Malaysia. Today, They remain the tallest twin buildings in the world!! Isn’t such amazing! hahaha!

Hope you guys like this 12/12/12 post of mine. I just thought I could write something just for today. Then finally decided to write down this lists above. If you go ride the hop on hop off bus tour, You will be familiar now on this places, which you can just actually walk around and visit and I am serious about that! Isn’t it pretty good to live in a place where all the touristy places is? I’m sure it’s good.


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