Hi guys! This is a super late OOTD post already. Not outfit of the day anymore. Wore this back in Singapore when we went around Orchard Road.  I just noticed them today as I was checking my scheduled posts for this month. Yes. I’ve been trying hard to spend time writing on my blog. So if the time comes that I would be so busy at least I have scheduled future posts already. Do you guys do that as well? I am a full-time wife and mom so I make sure too that I have time to blog for something also.

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Top from my Mother back in Philippines.

Bag from Bugis Street

Leggings bought from Chatuchak Market in Thailand

Wedge Shoes from Charles and Keith.

And just wanna post this not so vain photo of mine. I hardly take photos of myself now. Unless it is for my outfit post of the day. Back then I was so addicted that my hard drive cannot endure the pain, It crashed my laptop and got so slow haha Too much Self portrait is enough haha! Hat I bought from Daiso. Which I am very happy that I finally found  Daiso store here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I been searching so hard in the internet but no one can tell me Untill I discovered it myself. Located at BB plaza. Ride the monorail go down at Bukit Bintang and just use the connecting bridge to go inside BB plaza or Sungei Wang. Asked someone and they will tell you very easy! That’s all folks! Thanks Again! God Bless all xx

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33 thoughts on “#OOTD: GO BLUE!

  1. I love those hats! Great for beach vacation and gaaawd, you’re soooo skinny! 🙂

  2. All have been said. Just one thing to add. Blue or any color of that will suit your slim figure.

  3. Your slim figure is just perfect for that outfit and the accessories compliment your total get up.

  4. Love the print of the top! 😀
    Sometimes I do scheduled posts… but then even though I plan them, I still forget to write a blog post!

  5. I love Daiso, we have it in Qatar and I have items that I brought here in the US with me. You have a nice outfit there and i like your shoes.

  6. Nice outfit! I think blue is the only safe and acceptable color we can dress from head to toe! Yellow and brighter colors are a pain in the eye, while black may mean darkness and evil; and white may mean someone has passed away. Purple, pink and reds might be too girly. Wah what you do think?

  7. the ensemble above fits you perfectly and in my opinion if all moms has a get up like that , their husbands will surely be proud ….

  8. really love those glam earrings! perhaps because this year I am so into turqouise color. how is the weather now in Thailnd?

    1. I dont know. hehe we just go there sometime btu we live in Singapore before and now moved in to KL malaysia thx! xx

  9. Love your top, Jane!!!! And the hat you got from Daiso! So cute!!! hihihihihi <3 Too bad about your hard drive and laptop 🙁 I hope you still recover some of your files 🙂

    1. haha thx mich! they are fine though, maybe i take too much pictures and camwhore leh! xx

      1. You can never take too many photos! 😀 hahaha I have tons of photos of myself as well. Lol :)))

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