The other day as you guys are following me on twitter or instagram (@tauyanm). I’ve been tweeting and posting photos about our bus tour here in KL. My husband suggested to ride the hop on hop off bus tour to familiarise the places and the routes of the streets around KL. We definitely enjoyed the whole ride. Though, It’s supposed to be hop on hop off bus, We just stayed in the bus for the whole time of the ride and just keeps on listening on the audio tour guide they’re playing. haha! We’re kinda lazy and all. But we went down once in a while specially when the bus driver announced that we can have a 10 minutes break.


A double-decker bus KL tour runs seven days a week. From 8:30 am until 8:30pm with 20-30minutes interval between each tour bus.  Tickets available on the bus, all authorised agents and on the internet.


My sister inside the bus at Istana Negara. She fell asleep half of the time of the bus tour.


Menara KL Tower. Completed on March 1, 1995. This tower is the highest view-point in Kuala Lumpur that is open to the public. The main lobby of the upper ground floor is decorated with exquisite glass-clad domes that sparkle like giant diamonds. Believe it is gorgeous!

IMG_7300 IMG_7303

Foreigners crossing the bridge to reach the Menara KL tower.


And yes! They were having a small program that day with some fun playful games together with Upin and Ipin. My daughter likes them so much but she is scared of mascots haha!


View on top of Menara KL Tower. Spot the place where live now….


Idaman Residence where we live now is just a stone away from Petronas tower. Idaman residence is where my copywrite name in pink is written on the picture above. Now compare it on the other photo.


Waiting for the bus. My hair looks like a big something in this photos.


Big fountain that we saw when our bus stopped at the Indian street or brickfields?

IMG_7366 IMG_7369 IMG_7370 IMG_7372 IMG_7373

We actually saw a lot of places and not just this photos I posted. Most of them are positioned just around where we live so we didn’t even bother going down of the bus. Of course we already live here in Malaysia and definitely all the tourists must do this bus ride its totally worth the ride and ringgits. My husband paid like 38ringgit I think for the whole day hop on hop off journey so you wont waste it anyway. Be sure to try it when you go and visit Kuala Lumpur Just asked someone of find a bus stop where there’s a sign of hop on hop off KL city. You can buy your tickets onboard so no worries with that Easy journey around plus you can see 47 places all over Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in one day. The places are not that far from each other so you’d rather want to hop off the bus to go a bit of shopping in Central market and then hop on again to another bus for another tour. Don’t you guys lose your tickets though, Thanks guys! Til another trip! God Bless all x0x0

Visit their website here for more information: http://www.myhoponhopoff.com/index.php


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  1. Is the 38 ringgit you paid for, for the entire tour? You can just hop on another bus and not pay again after initial payment?
    – Wanderer Juan

    1. hi Joshua! Once you’ve bought/paid for the ticket for one day or 24 hours you can just hop on and hop off the bus and ride again to go to another destination. No need to pay again. as long as you don’t lose the ticket as you will need to show that to the bus driver. Thx!

  2. Pag ako pumunta dyan dear i’l def. contact you! 🙂 i love the place according to my boyfriend I can’t see garbage anywhere as in clean daw and all! Yay! This blog turned into travel places na ah 😀

    1. Hi dear slmt! yung blog ko pla merong travels fashion personal ska foods din hehe. nilagyan ko mga niche/category if ever pra pg my readers mdli hagilapin. wla din kc aqng outfit post plg. hehe xx

  3. oh my gosh! the places is really cute and clean tapos yung mga tao prang filipino lang din 🙂 Looks like you really enjoy the place 🙂

    1. yes mukha din silang pinoy dear haha my part din nmin n hindi klinisan dito pro ngiimprove sila tlg kya most places mlinis nah slmt dear! xx

  4. Di ba KL has free bus for travelers? So I bet hopping on bus is helpful to get familiarized with KL streets 🙂

    1. yes hop on hop pf is design for tourists who wants to know those tourists sites around good for two days. Though if you know places already in KL you can use the Go kl Free city bus. xx

    2. yes its true but to think that you ‘re a tourist with all the locals getting you incontrol with their high price for taxi’s its much better to try this one for a sure visit! and you wont get lost at all! @9fa82e28439c1188afc5eb0d4a17ec85:disqus

  5. Malaysia is leap and bound ahead of us in terms of tourism and infrastructures. Thanks for the online tour, parang kasama na rin ako sa tour.

  6. Interesting tour sana may ganyan din sa PInas 🙂 Would love to try and ride in that Hop on Hop bus when i visit KL

    1. Yes! maybe sa mga privince ok lng din but in manila terrible traffic will dismayed the tourists people hehe @facebook-1105977374:disqus

  7. Hop on hop off is really a great concept to tour places and its also more economical. My Malaysian experience is limited to Petronas, Putra Jaya and JB.

    1. wow! have’nt been to putrajaya yet. but always in JB before when we were in SG p hehe @ef7fa5ac1aff4c825a95d55b646598c0:disqus

  8. Amazing! I didn’t know there is a tour actually called “hop on hop” at KL city? And it sounds like a good deal at 38 ringgits. This is something few people know. 🙂

  9. My travel buddy went on a solo trip in KL recently and told me about the bus tour. Would love to try this when I visit Malaysia. 🙂

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