As what they said, Christmas magic doesn’t just make itself. IKEA is here to help and to lessen the stress that we all feel this holiday. Being stuck in the traffic trying to get those decorations for our homes to be ready this Christmas is such a hassle in this busy month. We need to buy a lot of things especially gifts for our loved ones. We all go shopping trying to grab those great deals to save some extra money and to maintain the budget for this season. IKEA will help us all to make our holidays less stressful. They put up great deals and discounts up for grabs especially for you this holidays!


The 2012 IKEA advent calendar will give you a lot of choices that you can get with great deals and discounts. Countdown with them together with all the deals that you can get everyday! You can find most items that are 20-30% off. Visit their Christmas range for more choices and great ideas that can give your home a warm touch of Christmas this holidays or even more, Choose from their wide range of cookware, Toys, Art and Crafts all for the whole family! It so fun to go shopping and celebrate Christmas with IKEA. Because it’s that time of the month again that we also need to wrap gifts for the whole family, You can also buy stickers, tape dispenser, ribbons, cards, gift boxes, gift bags or even Gift Wrapping Rolls for all your needs! I bet that will make it more easier, and a big help for you specially gift wrapping for the whole family is a must thing this season! Don’t forget to surprise your loved ones with all the cool things that you can find in IKEA. Don’t you just love Holiday seasons?


Be a Santa this Christmas! For every soft toy you buy, IKEA Foundation donates €1 to help educate kids. Also, you may donate the soft toy which would be given to selected homes by dropping them into the bin located at the Exchange & Returns counter at the Ground floor at Ikea Malaysia. For further details Click HERE. Let’s all celebrate Christmas and share the love and joy to everyone.

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  1. Those stuffed animals and some vegies look so soft and cuddly. IKEA’s collection of gift items are perfect for all occasions not only Christmas.

  2. I wonder where will be the time I can shop till I drop at IKEA haha. Nice for them to do such kind of event/donation.

  3. Oh your posts on Ikea makes me really wish there is an Ikea store here in the Philippines. I loooooooove the vegetable-themed soft toys. I can already imagine the many things I can do in the classroom to help promote eating green vegetables. And it makes a great decor too. I wish somebody will send me those this Christmas 🙁

  4. oh IKEA… when will you open here in Manila..?? haha.. just can’t wait to shop there!

  5. A great Christmas gift idea for IKEA. The toys are so cute and a very nice to gift for my nieces and nephews.

  6. Visiting an IKEA store is included in my bucket list. I so love shopping and I do love IKEA items!

  7. project for a good cause . Most shopping malls celebrate Christmas with this kind of project .Children are the happiest of all when it comes to Christmas.

  8. We have an IKEA reseller here, but there are just a few items to choose from. I hope to be able to go a big IKEA store someday.

  9. This could really be helpful especially with people who have a limited budget. 😀
    I just hope there could at least be one here.

  10. These are good stuff! And yes, it definitely comes in handy and awesome help especially if you have alot of “inaanaks” LOL! Plus 20-30% off is already a good deal. 🙂

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