Hello guys! It’s that time of the year again that we celebrate Christmas and its the month of holidays! Yes! It is December once again! Time flies so fast huh? I bet all of you guys are so busy planning about the holiday and so busy putting up those gorgeous Christmas trees! I believe that we can’t really feel Christmas in our house unless we can see that giant Christmas tree standing up in our lounge room. So  who’s busy doing some great shopping trying to catch up with those year-end sales? I guess all of us do. But as a modern family where both parents are working together, Most of the time we don’t really have that much time in our hands to go in a shopping mall and shop till we drop with those year-end sales everywhere right? Who’s agree with me?  Guess what? You can go shopping right where you are now, Even if you’re in the office, or at home or even if you’re having a coffee at Starbucks enjoying that cup of tea or coffee. Yes! All you need is your computer with internet of course. I would like to Introduce to you guys LAZADA. 

You heard it right! All the great shopping bargain experience right at your fingertips! Specially to those parents who’s busy and don’t have much time, Here’s the great deal to all of you! I will be showing some great Christmas gifts ideas that you can find in LAZADA all below 1000pesos! How cool is that? I bet you guys are excited! Of course me too! Let’s start!


Mommy’s like me love to bring tote bags like this! So chic and fashionable! For more details of the tote bag click HERE

Paired it with this gorgeous flats shoes to go and walk around shopping malls or stroll for a quick vacation. For more details Click HERE

Don’t forget to put on your make up Build up and thicken your lashes with this gorgeous mascara and glam your eyes with this mineral Eyeshadow! For more details click HERE


For the guys, Buckle up with this spanking cool belt! For more details click HERE

Paired it with this sleek watch to complete the look. For more details click HERE

Don’t forget to charge your gadgets this holiday using Universal Charger! For more details click HERE


Teens love to bring sling bags. So cute with any outfits. For more details click HERE

I guess mother and daughter loves putting and glam-ming up their nails so why not get this for xmas? For more details click HERE

 Finish your look with a bronzer and concealer! For more details click HERE


Isn’t it so fun shopping online? Without even feeling scared that you might not surprised your family? Buying gifts online with LAZADA, Will give your holiday less fuzz and less stress. Doesn’t need to queue in and hop along with those shoppers and wait for a long time until it’s your turn to pay with everything in the cashier! You will never ever get stuck in the traffic! Everything now is right at your fingertips! Sorry But I can’t stop saying that since all of us want and need to shop with all the ease we can get. This holiday season or in the next celebration we may have Don’t forget to go shopping at LAZADA. All the comfort and less stress is all here. Plus more bargains and discounts, Free shipping within and outside Metro Manila! I’m sure you guys want to shop now! Go visit LAZADA now! Hurry up! Catch their great bargains and deals!!

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  2. With the busyness of the season, online shopping is a must if we don’t have time to hit the mall. It’s good that Lazada is now well known and can be trusted with online transactions 🙂

  3. I like that Lazada offers free shipping! 🙂 The nail lacquer set is very nice. I want to buy!!! hahahaha I also like the bag you chose for teens. Would wear it even though I’m no longer a teen 🙂

  4. This post is very helpful as the gift giving season is now upon us. Lazada season website is very convenient way to shop for gifts.

  5. Are the makeups in Lazada cheaper than the mall price? I know this website but I’ve never tried purchasing. I should browse the site 🙂

    1. I think so dear!! they have tons of cheap price this month try it! @dishysammy:disqus

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