The other day I was browsing to Ms. Audrey’s blog aka fourfeetnine. I was actually reading her blog for two days until I got this weird headache and  stopped using my computer that’s the only time I stopped looking and reading her blog. I dont usually read blog that much but I do visit few of my favorites but Audrey’s blog somewhat inspire me and excite me a lot and get to sway of reading it like forever. haha!  Like seriously reading it continually for two days forgot what page I’d reach though, She somehow puts a lot of expression on how she wrote those blogposts and literally remembered myself laughing alone in front of my laptop while reading everything. Cried with the Proposal and all the botox and some other things that got myself freeze for two days. But anyways, Saw her tweeted about the Isetan X Foruhizu happening at KLCC. This are few of the photos I took using my Iphone.

Accessories and clothes are all gorgeously love! I love how everything is Pink and got strucked with animal prints and almost bought the Pink gloves haha! I love all the blouse’s really good job designing them even the pants as well. Maybe a shopping spree at Foruchizu of me and my sister can be a good gifts for us on Christmas! The styles are so me and my sister! Skirts for her and pants for me. Maybe I could put up an OOTD one time just wearing almost Foruchizu! How cool eh? Well it is gonna be possible since I live in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. One clothes and accessory at a time hehe. A bit sad though, Because I Haven’t seen Cheesie or even Audrey. Well, Hoping to see them in the Fashion Show! Look for the schedules on the picture above So you guys can join the fun if You happen to be in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Thanks Guys! God Bless xx

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