It’s been a while, Actually it’s been a month since my family moved here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. A lot of fun things, New adventures a lot of things need to remember, New streets, New “environmental smell, New faces a lot of new’s to try and see. Considering ourselves lucky moving here in KL where everything is cheap except those LV’s and Prada bags (still expensive for me) hehe. My husband thinks that, it’s much more cheaper to buy our foods everyday in order to survive rather than buying so darn expensive pork at cold storage haha (yeah it’s very expensive for me again). But heck no! I know it’s expensive and all but I won’t be travelling from our unit to Kota raya just to eat sinigang or other filipino foods since they don’t have any in Suria KLCC food court. Unfair to think sometimes hehe

So much for KL moving story. Hence, The title. I am totally missing my girls in Dover Parkview back in Singapore. I know facebook, skype and somewhat other social sites keep all of us together including viber. But still seeing them everyday sitting with them at the pool while the kids are playing is totally a different scenario for me. I missed those texts asking me “Boy! what’s our dinner?” Stuffs like that and some other not so normal questions and some even gross conversation that “some other can’t even stand to hear” because they have something good to say and we don’t have. Sorry! hahahahahaha!!

My daughter Ashlee still saying this kid’s name over and over again. I know She’s missing all of them like I miss the girls. But what can we do right? hehe At least they have this last bonding together. *cry*

Last night with the girls. Eating dinner for the last time at the pool. Where my camera actually acted very weird. Suddenly its low battery so I had to call sister and bring down the sony one. haist!

The very last picture with them. Miss u guys!

Keeping this picture forever because this is where I found my second family overseas. Which all of them stayed very honest and true to me and my family.  This photo of the swimming pool where it includes our Tower (D) is a very memorable photo for me. Right where I took this photo is where we always sit and eat dinner altogether like one happy family with them kids. Even though we don’t have a complete picture with all of us in it You guys are always missed and loved by my family here. Hoping to be seeing all of you guys in the future and looking forward to another great barbecue like we always do and get drunk. I bet the security guards missed us already sitting on the chairs at the pool haha! Thanks all GoD Bless! xx

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  1. yeah, missing a lot of friends, meeting new ones . . . just enjoy life to the fullest, enjoy our wonderful world… because that’s LIFE ! 🙂

  2. Good friends and company you got back in Singapore. But for sure, you will find a new group or family at your current place. Ikaw pa!

  3. Prang ang sarap lang din magtagal sa ibang bansa. but i dont mind living. mas gusto ko pa din sa Pinas. hehehe

  4. Since Malaysia and Singapore are just about few miles away, meeting your old friends could just be a ring away.

  5. A lot of my friends live abroad, some for work, some for other personal reasons. I always hear them say that it makes them feel less home-sick when they have friends, more so Filipino friends around. Then again, SIN is just a few hours away.. you can always visit them or vice versa. 🙂

  6. it’s good to know that every where we go, we can meet new friends and enjoy new company but of course it’s always good to reminisce good memories with old friends.

  7. We have reversed roles this time; I’m missing Malaysia quite a lot ever since moving to the Philippines 🙂 Thank God for Skype!

  8. Why not your old friends come at your place? Let your friends hop and explore Malaysia. Or hang with them on your place. I guess?

  9. I dont wana call it as a home sick, but friends sick! Ha ha ha. Great that we have technology where we can interact them even in ocean apart. You must be friendly.

  10. It’s a good thing Malaysia is very accessible to Singapore and vice versa, you can actually hop on the bus and visit your friends! 🙂

  11. sad.. but at least you get to have new friends in your new place! but then again.. nothing beats being with real friends!

  12. It must have been hard for Ashlee to leave her friends behind. Good thing she was able to bond with her friends before you moved.

  13. True friends are hard to find and you’re very lucky for finding not just one but a bunch. 🙂 Singapore and Malaysia are neighbors, I think you can still get the chance to see them.

  14. SIngapore and Malaysia are Neighbors so it would not be difficult meeting friends but I think Malaysia would really be more cost efficient.

  15. Moving out is kinda stressful especially if you settled already in one place. I hope you can still visit your friends in SG, eat out together, spend some time talking and laughing and I hope you have a good stay in your new home. 🙂

  16. You have lovely friends, all of you seem have positive disposition in life. Glad that you appreciate them much.

  17. good for you that you are missing the action, unlike me i had no action to miss i am stuck here in PH,

  18. Awww. A date with girlfriends. It seems you guys are really a close bunch. I like what you said that you consider them as second family. It only shows that your Filipino values of being hospitable and the love for close-knit family is still with you where ever you are. Happy New year dear 🙂

  19. I don’t know why you had to move, but I’m happy you get to spend time with everyone before you left.

    Moving around and letting go of things is hard, but it gets bearable as time passes by. Welcome to your new home and I hope you form new friendships there 🙂

  20. How I wish to one day travel to Malaysia and perhaps give you a ring so we can meet! Will definitely do that.

    Such lovely photos with the your solid friends. It’s a good thing that communication these days is pretty easy and doesn’t cost that much. All of you can group chat and talk about life and a few more in between!

  21. Letting go is really one of the hardest things to do especially if you’ll be leaving your friends behind. Anyways, there is always, Skype, Facebook among other things to keep you connected. ^_^

  22. It’s really hard to part ways with friends but don’t worry there will always be the technology to keep you near to each other.

  23. It’s really sad to bid farewell to such true friends. Far they maybe away but the magic of social networks will always be there to connect you with them. I know with the personality you have, meeting new friends is just a smile away.

  24. It can be very lonely when we leave our friends behind and move to another place but I’m sure you will find new friends very soon not as replacement but as additions.

  25. sobrang nagiba ang dover park view boy. ..nakakamis talaga ung samahan at mga kulitan..wala ng maraming tawa!!!
    miss u merry X’mas & happy new year!!:)))

  26. Sometimes, it can really be hard to let go of familiar things right? Especially when you’ve already established a routine and when you’ve developed meaningful relationships. 🙂 I can imagine how much you miss them! I miss my family in the province too. So much! Pero as you say, keri lang 😛

    1. haha yes always keri lng! they will be always in our hearts so keri lng haha thx @twitter-50301049:disqus

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