In this generation where each and every one of us find ourselves sitting in front of our computers/laptops, Specially those people who’s so busy sitting in the office, working. Most of the time of course we are all thinking to just chill out for a bit or at least take sometime to go and shop around various malls. But since everybody looks so busy now, Shopping online makes everyone happy and satisfied! No need to hop in to the mall. A lot of various product that can be found online now! Examples are Urban Outfitters, New Look, Topshop, Zara, H&m, Forever21 and a lot more famous brands. So why waste time going to the mall?

Mallzee is the new “IT”online vitual mall in today’s generation. Over 200 brands working with Mallzee, you’ll be able to find items from shops you like, Urban Outfitter, Feel Unique, St. Tropez and New Look have already signed on, and they’re getting bigger and bigger! Here how it goes:

  • You create your own personal online or virtual Mall.
  • Pick your favorite stores or brand.
  • Then it picks or suggest any thing that you might be interested & put together in your personal style!
Another great idea is you earn money by doing this. Be sure to invite your friends and when they shop or buy something to your “Own Mall” you get paid as well! How cool is that? Every one of us will surely like the idea that you get paid to shop right? I know it sounds impossible but it’s totally real!
So why not Sign up now for an exclusive pre-launch invite to be one of the first to experience Mallzee. Plus enter the contest to be able to win £100 ($155). I know you guys are excited and so am I! Check out their website now Plus visit their other social websites like Pinterest Twitter Facebook Google+ and Youtube to keep you guys updated: Hope you guys can join this Fashion Revolution and earn money as well! Thanks All God Bless! xx

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  1. I’m sure online and offline shoppers would get hooked into Mallzee once they started signing-up. ^_^

  2. Virtual shopping is kind of the “IN” thing nowadays. Great news for people who can’t go out to buy something out.

    1. haha yeah! I bet ya! those online shopaholics willd be happy! @google-9b446bb085d25df2408cdb7e4325fb9d:disqus

    1. i believe so! but while you do your shopping as well right? hehe @facebook-100002711698012:disqus

    1. haha a good one can go shopping and earn too! @google-5c88e6f9f64b4d5e69b9f2bedbe63973:disqus xx

  3. Wow ,vitrual mall. This is our chance to buy and accomplish what we want that we cannot do in the real life. But virtual world is not for me there are more important things i would rather do.

    1. haha Me too but its nice to try at least sometimes haha @twitter-163463904:disqus thx po!

  4. It’s a lot easier shopping this way as everything is online and who would pass up the chance to earn money by simple referral.

  5. Shopping and earning at the same time? That’s great! I will check it out one of these days! ^◡^

  6. Wow, thanks for the heads up! The inclusion of popular brands plus the possibility of earning additional income makes it very interesting. WIll check it out!

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