Hello guys! Before we left Singapore this early November my sister and I had a small Zara haul Includes Skulls (Just because my sister loves them). I, Myself had to buy a couple of shoes and scoured  a (skull Printed) T-shirt. I know most of the girls loves shopping as my sister and I is addicted on doing shopping for the sake of fashion and to think that we are not able to wear those kind of stuffs when we’re like that granny enough right? (Unless you’re Donatella or that so so so so Fashion Forward Grandma)Lol’s. Took all the photos with my not so old enough Iphone 3g’s. But still love it.

My not so Black spiky stiletto. (Forgive the veins popping out)

Another gorgeous one with a gold details going around my “cankles” haha!

Their boxes. Not impressed with how plain it is. But why not right? I wont bring them somewhere.

Skull necklace and skulls, Boney things printed on my sister’s T-shirt or whatever you call them eh?

Ever since we have my sister living with us in Singapore We tend to buy matching outfits. Matching shoes, Accessories, Clothes or anything else. But different colours most of them though,

My daughter and I. Zara kids whats’up? hehe

Sister and I. We wore the same shirt here as well. Proof that we have tons of things that are the same. We are kinda forced to buy those matching skull printed shirt (picture above) because it’s the last 2 designs/pair they have so might just buy two right? hehe Just saying that If I we’re to choose if what kind I am going to shop every time between shoes and clothes I would totally choose shoes. I am addicted like that and I love seeing or hoarding them (as my husband always tells me) everytime! So far enjoying life in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It’s been raining everyday and lightning and thunder are everywhere. Monorail is killin’ me squishing myself just to go somewhere hehe. It’s good though, I’m not complaining at all. Just complaining how gross my hair looks now. Thanks! God bless all! xx

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13 thoughts on “#HAUL: ZARA SHOES AND SKULLS

  1. You girls are so cute with your matching shirts! Love that sweet photo with your daughter. Aww 🙂

    Nice haul! I miss shopping for shoes.

    1. yes but found out that its more cheaper here in KL at sunway laoon dear @twitter-41029173:disqus

  2. OMG! I love the shoes! Swear, No bola! 🙂 And you have a pretty sister and daughter just like you! 🙂

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