Hi guys! Updating my blog for today! Just had a swim earlier and it’s been a long time since I had one. Enjoying our new home here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and everything is so good since we arrived here and totally enjoying it. We’re trying to plan a lot of exploration in this country and so far we have all the good foods we can get just a stone away from Suria KLCC. It’s been raining here ever since we moved in to the new house but not a big deal at all. It’s making the weather more friendly for us since we’re staying on a higher floor unit, We can get all the good breeze from the balconies going inside our house. Don’t really need much of Fans or Lights. So might guess that our electricity bill is fine hehe.

TOP FROM THAILAND (My sister have one as well in all black)





Apology for not updating that much in my blog. I am trying to edit all my pictures already so when I get to have time to get some internet I can manage to upload them and blog about it. As far as I know our Internet connection will be fixed this coming thursday. So hopefully everyone’s gonna be happy with a good internet around the house plus good channels on TV! We’ve been trying to watch all the movies we have every night just to kill time. We’re living in the city so just you guys know that 12midnight is the early start for clubs and bars around. Hope you like this quick post! Till next time guys! Thanks a lot x0x0 God Bless all!

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38 thoughts on “#OOTD: IT’S THE FRINGE!

    1. it is jeggings po hihi kc po dt time yung mga jeans ko nlalag n skn auko nmn po ng belt hehe salamt @facebook-586455943:disqus xx

  1. Haven’t been to Malaysia but has included it in my travel wish list. Hope to get there one day.

    I love your top a lot and I miss shopping shoes at Manel’s! Enjoy your new found home. 🙂

  2. ganda naman ng get up mo. Konting ayos na lang sa hair mo, pwede ka ng model. Same question too. How tall are you?

    1. 5’7 yta aq pg wlng heels @disqus_7UuPNbcYVe:disqus pg my heels ewan ko lng hihi xx

  3. Your bangles look so familiar. Oh…that is because I have one too but with a different brand. haha

  4. Matangkad talaga siguro si ate kasi may picture sya ng isang babae na hanggang dibdib nya lang. hahahah

    1. haha? san mo nkita yun @google-ea8af820d236ffdc90c5af738d64120a:disqus hahahha naintriga aq dun hihi xx

  5. I have a ton of shirts and tank tops from Thailand. I’m sure you know as well that the stuff they have over there are pretty nice, clothes-wise.

  6. I’ve been to KL also and I find the people there nice and down to earth, they’re just like Filipinos in some ways. One of my cousin also lives there with her family for more than 10 years or so and she didn’t have encountered much difficulty in adjusting to their culture just like how you enjoyed your new environment.

    Watch out for my next posts cause I’ll be featuring my adventures in KL.

    1. oh sure dear!! i would love to read your post! actually i’ve encountered few bad things happened with the locals here… though i judge everyone i know most of them are still good at heart thank you! xx

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