Hey guys! As everyone knows already We are moving to a new house/condo or to a whole new level since we’re living and moving to a new country as well. But I didn’t expect at all that this new level of moving house can be so good after all. I am missing all my friends back in Singapore all the foods that we’ve shared for the past 4 years I’m there. Now I’m struggling a little bit because I’m missing my girls all the laughs and bonding we had before. Before I get to emotional I wanna share this gorgeous photos that my husband took for me when we visited Petronas Tower at night the other day.



I didn’t edit this photos. Well. I have to put my copyright name and all but didn’t edit the photos of petronas tower since it is already gorgeous as it is. It was about to rain that night and the sky was cooperating like smiling to my husband while he took all of this. It was like wow! Magic!

IMG_7028 IMG_7018 IMG_7017

IMG_7008 IMG_7022 IMG_7015

Look at how many people enjoying the dancing fountain that night?  We did enjoy that night as well!

DSC06598 DSC06595

This was my past photos of Petronas Tower in the day. It is indeed gorgeous at night seeing all the light and dancing fountain with all the rainbow coloured lightings. Well. I am just happy that I can spend my all new years here. I am happy as well that Petronas Tower is gonna be our great view to our house from the lounge room to our bedrooms with balcony. Indeed I am homesick with all the foods I’m missing out plus the girls I left in Singapore but sure is a lot more exciting experience will come right before my very eyes. Another country to explore with my loved ones and friends. A new places to discover and tour to our visitors in the future.Thanks all! God Bless! x0x0 =D





  1. Wow. I really need to visit Malaysia one of these days! Petronas is just one of the reasons why. 🙂

  2. Thanks for info! Petronas Tower is one of the places I will visit first when I go to Malaysia. 🙂

  3. Petronas Towers are a good sight to view especially at night. I hope I could visit Malaysia soon. ^_^

  4. napaka-majestic naman ng Petronas at night.
    Yumg 2 lovely ladies sa photo parang Petronas tower din. 🙂

  5. When will I visit KL? Haayyss. I just visited Johor Baru and Kota Kinabalu and I hope I can see Petronas Towers beauty soon. 🙂

  6. Been wanting to visit KL, to particularly see the Petronas Towers. I hope I get to see it soon though, since I still have a friend residing there. 🙂

  7. I’ve seen a lot of night shots of the Petronas Towers which makes me want to go there as well maybe I’ll get the chance before 2013 ends. Cheers to more travels!

  8. Malaysia is one country I would want to visit soon. Or even work there for some time. i see that it’s becoming more popular than Singapore…

  9. Im drooling over Petronas Towers..
    I have many friends who had already visited its threshold..
    Very Iconic, very much the symbol of Malaysia

  10. Petronas just really stands out at night with the all the light at the twin tower. I like it better at night.

  11. Woot! Lovely view! I’ll definitely check this out when I get to have a chance to be in Malaysia 😀 And I’d also check out the highest one–in Dubai!

  12. I want to visit KL and can I see you then give me a tour or let’s just do the Bollywood makeup there. hahaha Just Kidding! Looking forward seeing more Malaysia adventure posts.

    Question: KL is far from Kota Kinabalu right? 🙂

    1. im not sure dear! but i think its far haha. Yeah! visit me here @dishysammy:disqus but i dont know Bollywood make up you can do it for me your the expert! hehe

  13. They used to be the tallest buildings in the world until Dubai built taller ones. They are still majestic though! You’re lucky you can see them everyday 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures in Malaysia! 🙂

  14. if you have watched the john loyd bea movie miss you like crazy, they’ve depicted petronas towers there on a different light. since then ive been wanting to see petronas in person, especially at night where they are more beautiful 🙂

    The Bargain Doll

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