Hello guys! Finally managed to finish uploading photos and can at last can blog about them now. It’s so hard trying to get internet from this hotel Because in one room only one device can actually use the internet or else it would be very slow. So since my husband is at the office this time I’m the only one using the internet and now I am such a happy girl back to blogging again. So last saturday we decided to visit Batu caves. I’ve been there few times already but since my sister haven’t seen it then it’s her chance now.



Rode the monorail from Bukit Bintang Station to KL Sentral. Then from KL Sentral We bought a ticket going to Batu Caves. Oh! We bought their RapidKL Card also that day since we’re going to live here it would be much easier. It’s like EZLink card in Singapore. You can use it to Bus, Monorail, and LRT.


This is the first statue you will be able to see right after you come out of the train.

IMG_7036 IMG_7055 IMG_7056

Seriously 272 steps is a lot!! My sister grace had a hard time going up since she’s not that athletic at all.


Still managed to pose and have a peace sign even though we’re shaking going up haha!


The dark cave. Thinking if Batman is inside haha! This one is a separate one. You need to pay for this I guess. I’ve seen this on tv somewhere and pretty cool but scary right?


View from the top! Gorgeous indeed! You can see other people struggling as well haha!


Inside the cave is indeed a pretty spectacular view and all. The Malay or indians maybe, I’m not so sure at all. They’re having some kind of a ritual or something I don’t know. But I myself is very happy to actually see them and happily watched them that time realizing how rich each and everyone’s culture.


My sister going down on the second inside stairs which a lot of monkeys were jumping around waiting for other people’s foods. Usually you can find the monkeys at the entrance’ stairs but since it’s raining that time they decided to stay to the indoor stair where they can be dry hehe. Genius monkeys!


My sister wanted to have a photo with the pigeons. We kept on waiting for that loud kinda gun sound so the birds will fly but it took so long so this was the scenerio haha!

batucaves 2

My sister and I! Smiling but that time our knees was shaking! haha


Had some of this indian mixed veggies after  the long and tiring day climbing up the stairs. This food is different but it is very yummy for me! If you’re fuzzy about food and all you might wanna bring your own food since they don’t have any western food available there. Be sure to hide and ziplock your foods properly so the monkeys won’t smell it and won’t run after you. They get very aggressive. The whole day was tiring. My legs are still too sore until now even my sister’s hehe. That means I haven’t been doing my exercise for a long time now. Actually 3months now haha! I’m kinda lazy but will work on that. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading it! Have a good day! God Bless all! x0x0

Watch the video clip I took Also! Hope you like the mini-tour! Enjoy&Subscribe!





33 thoughts on “BATU CAVES KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA + video

  1. Another amazing sight…it’s a very wide cave, i wonder if there is a lagoon inside,which is very common in caves..By the way, how many steps do i have to take to reach the cave entrance?lol…Yahweh bless

  2. That statue is really humongous. and the staircase going up seems to be endless. Hope I could visit Batu Caves someday.

  3. seeing beautiful places tru these amazing photos will make me dream , imagination and wishes that i can go in the future ….. sana makaraating ako diyan at kaya ko sana makaakyat ng ganyan kataas !!! 🙂

  4. Sayang ng gawan ko ito ng article nahirapan akong maghanap ng photo, Eh narito lang pala ang mga amazing phots eh. Hope to visit the place in the near future.

  5. The stairs are really high to climb, last time I climb a stairs that high I almost collapse, only the real faithful would climb that, for it is a temple, as for a tourist the real determined

  6. I’ve seen this place featured in a TV show, I think with National Geographic.
    Passage to Malaysia by Denise Keller.. Now I remember.
    nice to see this in amateur photos and not the processed TV one’s..
    I’d to visit and meditate perhaps,

    Oh, I may perhaps be bragging but the 272 steps is nothing..
    I’ve seen, and as pinoys just like to create steps to use for penitence.
    We like to even place steps on Mountains, then put some big religious marker at the summit, just like Mt Tapyas of Coron, Busuanga, Palawan

  7. Nice Statues…:) 272 steps? I think that’s 20 steps more than the Lourdes Grotto in Baguio (252 steps)..

  8. That’s a very huge golden statue! It really looks amazing… i wonder how they managed to build statue as big and beautiful as that.. 😀

  9. Every country has really something great to offer, I never thought Malaysia has this awesome tourist spot. I hope I could visit this place too. 🙂

  10. Awesome view from the top. I won’t mind the million steps going to the cave just to experience the beauty of the place. Im a curry-addict, so loving those Indian foods. Can’t wait to fight with the monkeys over it. Lol.

  11. Awesome! I bet you had a great time. Buddhist temples are kinda eerie but they’re definitely picturesque. 🙂

  12. LOL, I can’t even climb those stairs in Baguio going to that Church on the Hill, eto pa? Besides I am not interested in caves and buddhist temples and very afraid of heights! Great pictures though, MJ and bow ako sa yo and your sister and your daughter, ang sipag nyo 🙂

  13. wow! the buddha statue is so huge, I wonder how high it is? The Batu Caves I think is a must visit place in KL. I’ve only been to KK, and hope to be here as well.

  14. I don’t know why I keep putting off my trip to Malaysia. I’ve been to SIN twice yet never tried crossing borders. Then again, it’s a country that I will get to visit soon. Batu caves is actually an attraction that I’m dying to see. 🙂

  15. I miss Batu Caves! I’ve been here like 5 years ago and I wanna visit it again and see what are the changes and what’s new 🙂

  16. That giant golden statue should be one of the reasons why people like to visit that place, not to mention the amazing cave hidden underneath that splendid mountain

  17. I already listed the Batu Caves as one of my places to visit when I go to KL. Your pictures and post gave me more reasons to be excited.

  18. been there done that I was not impressed that much with the cave its dead unlike our caves here in the Philippines live and alive haha! i like the statues tho. Earthlingorgeous

  19. whoah those places are the kind of spots I would love to go to! so happy that i will be able to see that soon. our company is planning to have a trip to malysia! yey!

    1. wow! try to search more places here in my blog for some hotspots! feel free to message me here for any queries about malaysi! thank you! xx

  20. first thing that came out of my mouth: “WOW” ang laki ng statue! I shouldn’t miss these caves if I happen to go KL! 😀

  21. The structure is really massive and the caves are really exciting to explore. Makes me remember Jenolan caves in Sydney.

      1. Maybe I should visit the place, seeing this post once again amazes me with how big the structures are.

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