So all of you guys know for sure that we’re gonna be in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for a huge moving house experience. After a long 6hours or so bus ride from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Here we are, Staying at Dorsett Regency Hotel. Pretty dodgy internet that will actually make you feel so irritated after you keep on logging in and out of their wifi internet. It’s really sucks that you have to enter the password every now and then as I’ve said in my previous post. Oh! The bus ride was so cool! We used Aeroline coach bus and it Feels like Riding the Expensive Singapore Airlines. We are still in search for a good place that is going to be our next home here in Malaysia, So good luck for us!

I am happy to announce the winners of my first ever giveaway collaboration with Miss-April.Info!! Though, My co-blogger Miss-April, Had a hard time reviewing all the people who joined because most of them didn’t follow all the mandatory steps. So sad to know that people can actually do fake accounts or do such things to get something. But oh! Still the good people will win and here they are!

>>> Hazel Alvarez <<<

2 pairs of earrings
1 fabric headband
1 watch
1 dress
1 necklace
1 BB face mask
1 tote bag
1 3D glue on nails

>>> Myril Mae Magdael <<<

1 pair of earrings
1 fabric headband
1 bracelet
1 3D glue on nails
1 pair contact lenses
1 soft gel eye mask

>>> Marine Rose Decena <<<

1 hair bun tail
1 hello kitty pouch
1 eyeshadow brush
1 mineral eyeshadow
1 charm bracelet
1 nail sticker

Miss-April already e-mailed the 3 winners and as part of the Terms and Condition, if they fail to reply and confirm within 48 hours, we will void their entry and will raffle off another person.Thanks everyone for joining!! Hopefully I can have another collab giveaway when everything is settled here already in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia! I enjoyed retweeting all your tweets and thanks for tagging your friends to join in this giveaway! You guys are too awesome! You deserved it all! Thanks for supporting Miss-April.Info and FASHION TRAVELS. Until the next Giveaways Lovelies! Tune in to my blog for more upcoming adventure here in Malaysia! God Bless everyone! x0x0 =D

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