Hello guys! How cool is riding a bus just to go in another country? Don’t you just hate airplanes when you get so much of those turbulence happening while you fly? It is like the end of the world thinking that you’re gonna die in any way possible since you’re flying. Ok right! I’m exaggerating things already. But to be honest with you guys, I have this nightmares or can’t sleep when I know I have a flight the next day. It is totally terrifying but if you  have other choice just to be in another country then why not right?

Yes! Introducing Aeroline Coach Bus. They do trips from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and vice versa for a very affordable prices with all the facilities and comfortness you can have while travelling! Sounds great right? It is indeed my first time also to ride a coach bus going to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Usually we fly jetstar from Singapore to KL. It will take 45minutes for a plane ride plus another hour I think riding a taxi cab from the KL airport to the city. For the bus ride, it took us 1 hour and a half or 2 after we finished all the immigration stops and queuing with the other tourists buses. Then after all of those ICA clearance the next 5 to 6 hours bus ride starts.

It’s not that bad at all riding Aeroline coach bus for 6 hours with their complete and good facilities that will totally entertain you and will make you enjoy the ride.

All the seats can be expanded/slanted makes you feel like riding the business class in an airplane! All the chairs as well are equipped with tv monitors with wide variety and choices of different channels, movies and documentaries that you can watch and listen to the whole journey from Singapore to KL.

Here’s my daughter watching movie. So relaxed, chilling out and enjoying the bus ride.

Upon doing the reservations or buying the tickets online, They will ask you if you want food to be serve to you in the journey and you can ask for vegetarian foods as well. The food served is Halal by their Halal-certified caterers. Aeroline doesn’t have wifi onboard but I guess they’re working on that already. It would be so much fun if they already have wifi for those who wants to finish their work and don’t waste time right? Their office is at the second floor of Harbour front Centre just beside the Batam fast ticket booth in Singapore where you can find the cruise. Looking forward to ride this bus again! Totally recommend this to everyone! With all the comfort and entertainment, This is the one!


Speaking of Singapore, Totally missing my friends also who’s been a good family to me through all the years we stayed in Singapore and in Dover Parkview. This was the last photo w/c my sister took for us before we leave. Not all the girls were here but I want you guys to know that I miss you all bunch!

Another scenery that my family misses is this wonderful view of the big swimming pool and take note this photo is together with our Tower Where we used to live. Trying to work out where’s ours though, Thanks for taking sometime of your’s as well to read my blog of mine My first ever blog giveaway will be finish tomorrow So hope you guys can join! It’s not too late at all! You might be the lucky one!  Our house hunting is still on process and it’s getting complicated But will make sure we’re going to choose the best condo to be our next home! Thanks guys! God Bless x0x0 =D

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