This is what I wore last time my friends and I went out to watch movie Sinister Last sunday at Lido Shaw Orchard Road. My sister and I always try to look like twins actually, Yeah! we’re not twins though, We both have tons of things that match our outfits every time we go out. haha! Lucky we’re both tall and she’s nearly tall as me when she wears her high heels hehe. Plus she’s more fairer, or have clear white-ish skin complexion than me because I have the true filipina morena skin hehe.

movienight IMG_6477

So ever since my sister came here in Singapore with us. We always take photos of our outfits so now my FASHION section here in my blog is always updated. She needs her own blog though too! hehe

IMG_6476 IMG_6475

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We both the skull in Bugis Street 3rd floor for a steal of 5sgd. only! Cheap right? They have the fully air-conditioned place plus more fashionable stuffs there. You can even charge your phone also!

IMG_6460 IMG_6459 IMG_6458

My husband took our photo at the rooftop of our condo tower. A bit foggy that time though and it’s very weird weather too! Do we loo like twins now? Maybe change hair colour eh?!

movienight1 IMG_6486

How cute this skull with safety pins? And yeah it was my sister’s lucky day that she saw this. I know most of you guys knew already that my sister is a skull or horror movie fanatic. Even though most of the time we got to be so scared that we can’t even fall asleep! haha I know it’s hilarious but it’s true! Bugis is having a BFF photo contest as of now and my sister and I were thinking if we can join it haha! Hope you guys like this OOTD of mine! THanks all! God Bless x0x0 n____n