Have you seen Sinister already? Last Sunday my friends and I went out at Lido Shaw Orchard Road to watch this exciting movie and plus for the Dover Girls another bonding moment also. We’re trying to make and  do a lot of things while I’m still here in Singapore. I know most of you knows it already that We will be relocating in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia this November 9. It is so Sad to leave the girls here and my friends or the people here in the condominium that has been so good to us and a good family to us as well for years that we stayed here. Anyways, Back to the movie Sinister. I enjoyed the movie the whole time I’m watching it so Hope you’ll enjoy the photos as well!


The whole movie was pretty cool and shocking! Its more on giving all the audience the shock and like making the audience guess on what’s happening in the puzzle story. Its not as horrible or as scary movie as what I’ve seen in my whole life. Believe me! My husband, sister and I always watch horror movies all of its kind every night and there are other tons of movies that get the s**t out of me but not this one. I had fun watching this though haha =)


Waiting for the taxi in front of our Condo. L-R My sister Grace, Ms.Nelia and her Sister also Nemia.


Taxi Ride!


Grace, Matet and Anne

My lovely Friends! Love them much! woot!

IMG_6411 IMG_6414

Ruthel and Ms. Nelia.

IMG_6418 IMG_6425 IMG_6430 IMG_6439

So the whole movie was so exciting and more enjoyable if you watch it with your friends. Nothing beats the joyousness and happiness that your friends can give whenever you need them. I love how this girls works so hard here in Singapore looking after other people’s kids while their own kids are waiting for them to go back in Philippines. Believe me guys. You’ll never know how these girls works so hard. I salute them for being so strong and despite everything here they are so happy like there’s no problem at all. Looking forward to our Barbecue this coming sunday!! Thanks all guys! God Bless! x0x0 =D





26 thoughts on “MOVIE NIGHT: SINISTER

  1. That’s great getaway with friends. I miss doing this thing with my friends. I never been in the movie theater for over a year.

  2. Great bonding! i havent watched the Sinister yet. it will be one of my download list on torrent. hahaha 😉

  3. Ah eto pala yung film that my daughter recoomed that I watch, kakatakot daw. Baka raw kasi masindak na ako.. LOL

  4. oh! I can’t have the courage yet to see a movie something like this one . . . it will give me sleepless nights.

  5. Watch this already sis online at movie2k….all the time..every scene I had to hide or scream. hahahahaha..

    1. hihi i can imagine dear! even me and my frends also so shocking movie this one! xx

  6. I’m a whuz when it comes to these kinds of movies. I don’t think I’d watch this sis. Good for you, though! hihihi… You’re my hero!

  7. I’ve watched the movie or forced to watched the movie because my sister want my cousins to enjoy the lazy boy seats at Resorts World and it was the moving showing. It was really disturbing, watching the creepy scenes again and again was really disturbing and depressing.

    1. aww! Maybe because i am used to watching gruesome and super scary movies so i found this moviw not so my fave and not the scariest hihi! thanks franc! xx

  8. I was able to peek through the trailer.scaryyyy! ano nga ulit name ng mumu? baka 3 days na naman akong di makatulog.LOL.

  9. Haha I thought this was going to be a movie review! I haven’t seen the poster of Sinister here in Manila and I haven’t heard of the title as well. Maybe it will come in a month or so.

    1. haha kinda! i am trying but not so good at all! haha @google-1651575cce947088c4e655c08dd42c76:disqus thanks dear!

  10. After the Halloween and all the ghost stories, I will save Halloween movies maybe next year.. 😀

    I miss Singapore!! Haha

  11. whew, this past few days, I was looking for something that would relived my “i’m afraid” feeling.. hope this movie is the answer. yeah, i had a lot of friends in SG, they do have the money, but are 🙁 bec they miss their family here in Phil.

    1. i know that’s the number one problem in working to other country but this people needs to survive. they need the money that they cant get in philippines and we cant have both worlds so we neec to sacrifice something inexchange. thx @facebook-100002711698012:disqus

  12. I hear that movie’s really creepy that’s why I’ve been avoiding it! hahaha Horror films give me nightmares so I avoid them like the plague! hehehe I agree, they are such strong women worth admiring! I would be sad to leave my friends behind too. Wishing you a great adventure though! 🙂

    1. thx @twitter-50301049:disqus but this movie didnt give those scary ones i need, i need some gruesome ones haha xx

  13. i’m don’t dig horror fils so I might skip watching this. but you ladies look like you had a great time! your leggings on the last photo has a very interesting detail! you pull it off perfectly – oh I wish i have skinny legs just like yours.

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