Hello guys! Its been a week already since my friends (Dover Girls) went to Pulau Ubin to do some exercising! I mean yeah! We went there for another set of good ole’ cycling! This time, Double the number of girls and of course double the fun! Who wouldn’t want to spend their day off with some fellow girlfriends and enjoy the day rather than waste it right? (Please Read our First Pulau Ubin escapade here). This time as well we decided to start day later than we had the first time. Before we went there like 5:30am (yes we’re excited like that before) But last week we thought of going there 7am in the morning since we’re not really in a hurry except to Sarah and Donna who have their volleyball games every sunday as well. So they had to go and leave us in Pulau Ubin like 1:30 to play volleyball. It keeps on spitting as well that day but lucky it’s not that heavy rain came across to Pulau Ubin or else its gonna be a total nightmare since we’re not be able to ride a bike if it rains that hard.


Photo with our favourite Guard! haha! He knows we’re the noisiest girls in the condo! haha Lucky his too kind he never scold us like the others! Good Uncle!


Inside the car going to Pulau Ubin! woot! woot!


Here we are arrived already in Pulau Ubin! Lovely shirts we have here!


Trying to choose bikes for ourselves! A lot of bikes to choose from! 8sgd. for the whole day!

IMG_6162 IMG_6172 IMG_6179

Those moments where we had our opportunity to get a group photos is when we get a chance to rest waiting for Ms. Nelia because she’s still practicing how to ride the bike and yes! She’s been forced to learn or else she won’t be able to join us! Last time She fell nearly in A swamp somewhere in Pulau Ubin! haha!


Parking our bikes! yes! A lot of bikes there! A lot of professional bikers also do cycling there since more obstacles and hills to get challenged in Pulau Ubin. They even bring their own bikes.


Here’s our old matey again Mr.Pig! Hustling tourists people to give them some food haha! Yes! You’ll get to encounter lots of wild pigs and wild monkeys too around so be careful. They’re not that friendly at all. hehe


Who wants lunch? The first time we went to Pulau Ubin believe me we’re not as prepared as this one. We never had anything to eat for the whole day 5:30am to 4pm but just water and some nicknacks that some girls brought incase. haha! Last sunday we’ve got tons of foods to eat. We had adobo, canned tuna’s, Sautee’d Bittergourd, Fried Pork, Luncheon Meat of course Rice And maybe some other things.


With my sister! Yes! She’s in Singapore again moving with us in Malaysia. She’s going to study as well there so good luck sister!


The happy girls jump-shot! woot!


The nicest shots we had that day! haha Thanks to our Friend as well Ray! His from California.


We’re too friendly like that, That some foreigners as well had to pose with the girls! Hello stars!


Back to pedalling! This time we had to push our bikes because to road is too steep for us! haha


The wonderful & peaceful lake.


When they said it’s steep, It is indeed steep! We’re like flying going down the hill! But if your not too sure you’ve gotta to walk and be safe though, A lot of tragedies happened here already. Some people even died here so be careful! I’ve warned you! Seriously!

IMG_6293 IMG_6297

Yes! It told you guys! We got too much rest when we went here. Unlike the first time we’re so haggard  being too tired with no food to eat and got wet with rain too! haha


Lyn’s epic jumpshot. She never got to join us every sunday so she’s making the most out of this trip!


Our group shot! Its my sister’s fault why we look silly here! haha! We just keep on following her instructions on how to pose and we look like crazy already haha!


Yes! Another epic super fail from Lyn again! She accidentally fell from her bike when we decided to go around this slippery side which is supposed to be for Rollerbladers only. Tourists people joined us as well! haha


Good bye Mr.Ray! Good bye Pulau Ubin till next time! Have a nice day! hehe

Screen-Shot-2012-10-09-at-9.49.56-AM IMG_6368

Compare the last two photos guys. We’re so hyper and everything while riding the ferry but then On our way back We look like we had the bad news we ever got! I’m so pale whatever! We’re so tired that no one was talking in the ferry Plus we felt so sleepy also as the tide was swaying us! We almost got wet because it’s high tide. Looking forward to another adventure with the girls while I’m still here in Singapore! God bless!

A quick video to watch guys! Enjoy! and Do Please Subscribe! thanks! x0x0





  1. Looks like you and your friends had a fun day cycling. I used to travel by bike to school when I was in elementary and I wish I can do that again soon. 🙂

  2. Is Pulau Ubin in Thailand? By the pics you post, now I miss more biking, Its been a long time since Ive done so, And I love the photos of the Lake so beautiful

  3. biking is fun with friends… just put on some safety gears for
    protection, you’ll never know when will accident
    happen. be safe always. Yahweh bless.

  4. This is one exciting activity with your girlfriends. Not only it promotes camaraderie and bonding, it also encourages healthy way of having fun.

  5. good to see other activities in your area. if i was there, i’m sure i’d be taking the sidelines because i don’t bike. i can only wish

  6. Good place. Good company. Good leisure. What more can I say? For sure, I will have so much fun if Ill visit Pulau Ubin. 🙂

  7. Eh kung ganito ba ang cycling company which I be joining then hindi na ako mag-iisip pa, join na sa cycling sa Pulau Ubin. Yung isang girl pa ang taas tumalon. LOL

  8. I can see in your faces you had so much fun during this biking trip. wish I can go biking too in Pulau Ubin too in the future. The close encounter with the wild pig is phenominal 🙂

  9. would also love to do biking in Pulau Ubin …. with you 🙂 just joking 🙂 seriously biking with girls is cool and fun 🙂

  10. more girls and more fun! 🙂 dont really engage in group exercises, since I prefer being lonesome, but who wouldnt say no to this.

    Looks like you girls had a great fun activity!

  11. you have a great group there, jane. it’s nice that you get together and enjoyed biking in sg. Merry Christmas. Yahweh bless.

  12. I’m not a cyclist which is too bad! hehe! But I can appreciate the place by just walking and looking around the beauty of mother nature. 😀

  13. Another fun day ha.. I like your photo winking. Biking is a very good form of exercise to keep your body trim and at the same time strengthen your stamina.

  14. I’m gonna enjoy Palau Ubin since I love to bike so I’ll make it a point to drop by here on my next visit in SG.

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