Last September 17, 2012 The much awaited opening of The Star Vista Mall finally happened. Much awaited for all the people who actually living just a few walks away from this mall. How cool is that right? The lucky people of course is my family and my friends! For those of you who reads my blog, Follow my tweets (@tauyanm) and my instagram photos (search for tauyanm) I’m sure you all know that we’re in Thailand for our holiday. So unfortunately, I missed all the action-pack opening of this mall. Though, Yesterday, My husband decided just to buy our lunch there and I got excited and brought my camera as well to take some photos. It’s not that very hard at all to go in MRT when you know that there’s a huge open mall Just right before you reach the MRT.

I can be the endorser. Yeah?!

 The mall when you come out from the bush! haha There’s a jungle here.

A much closer look. It’s so awesome how they did this building.

The moment you get in the mall You will be hearing this noise coming from the big fountain they have in the middle of the open mall.

Subway is on its way of their opening too! I’m excited! Subway everyday!

Another reason why people who live here in my place are very excited is because of Cold Storage. This is where we buy all the western foods that you need. Much more expensive than Fairprice, But Sure is, all you need is here. No need to go Holland VIllage anymore!

My friend Violy telling me about this store that have very cheap shoes and when I actually visited it yesterday, They are darn too good! Prices are Around 19sgd. to 30sgd. for girls shoes. Same price when Charles and Keith started before but now they’re getting too expensive haha! So hoping that Foot-in Store won’t change their price in the long run!

Excuse me People, It’s Just too good to be true! haha I mean the Thai food is yumyum and the Piggy’s butt is too sexy indeed!

This is the bush where people from my place needs to walk to reach Star Vista Mall. It’s not really a bush or a jungle, It’s Rochester Park going around you can see old vintage looking houses that never used for so long and just there forever. Be careful to walk at night too haha!

That is my husband haha! So yeah, after you have that very short walk from the mall, Here it is our Condo. Very near to us right? We can just go back and forth whenever we want to go!

For the lunch? My husband bought braised pork with egg and rice at Taste or Taiwan located at the ground floor Just next to Cold Storage too! Oh! Why this mall is too good? Well at least we can experience this place for a month right? We will be moving to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia this November, Much more Shopping malls is waiting for us there too! So guys! Go and visit The Star Vista Mall! Just go down at Buonavista MRT Station and you’ll right there! Easy as! Hope a lot more fashion shop will be there also like Cotton-on or New look as well. Not so many shop for now almost all foods shops in there. But we’ll see in the future! Go down at Star Vista Mall guys! See ya!

Took this video as well. Please bear with me guys as I’m taking this video while walking because my husband was hungry that time haha. Don’t forget to subscribe guys! Thanks! God Bless! xoxo!

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