Another super quick post of what I wore during our Batam escape in Indonesia. This outfit wasn’t planned or very hard to think about since we’re not going to attend any formal occasions or any ceremonies. I opted for the simplest outfit that I can throw in inside my backpack. I thought racerback, spagetti tops, tank tops or a simple t-shirt would be the simplest thing I can have in this trip in which I will feel comfortable as well walking around in that very busy day!



The no make-up super bare face!




Colourful Accessories

Black Cardigan

Cambodia T-shirt from Ms. Kristi Stepp Thank you so much!



IMG_4671 IMG_4672 IMG_4676 IMG_4686 IMG_4687-1 IMG_4688-1 IMG_4690-1 Thank you so much to Ms.Kristi Stepp again for giving me another tank top from her previous trip in Cambodia. Thanks to my husband also who always take my pictures whenever. haha! Whenever I go travelling I always try to pack light as I can. So ended up bringing tank tops or any simple clothes or leggings too. I tried to stay away also from super colourful clothes just because I want my accessories to be noticeable to other people. Took this photos also out in our hotel balcony.Hope you guys liked this Outfit! Kindly read my previous post about our Batam Escape Here and HERE. Thanks much guys! God Bless x0x0

          If you have some spare time Please do watch this video From batam! thanks! xoxo




26 thoughts on “#OOTD: BATAM ESCAPE

  1. Jeans and shirt combination is epic, never goes out of style. You’re still beautiful without any make up on.

  2. love your outfit! miss the days when I can really wear something like that. I like your flat shoes, so girly.

  3. your casual outfit fits you well… simple and not so intimidating… and the best thing is your comfortable with it… makes you move easily. Yahweh bless.

  4. I love your shoes and accessories! I wish I was as confident as you are. I’m more of the behind the scenes type kasi :c

  5. love your outfit sis. makes me miss my skinny days huhuhu http://www.heartscontentofamama.com/2012/10/demari-fashion-sandals-loving-high-heels.html

  6. Talking about FASHION here, sis you have that petite body and the way you carry your style reflects your passion in modelling/projecting. Simple attire looks elegant to you because you know how to handle it with style.

  7. I’ve never been to Batam, but other places in Indonesia like Bali, Jakarta (the entertainment center), and Bandung are nice visit-spots too!

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