Just wanted to share with you guys all the yummy foods we had last time we went to Batam Indonesia for a day with My friend Ms. Nelia. I can still recall how all of us keep on suggesting all kinds of foods in the menu that night but because it was so hard for us to talk in Indonesian language We chose some of them and Let our friend Endon translate it for us and finished all the orderings. She did a great job! All our tummy was full and happy after that super big seafood meals! Enjoy the photos! x0x0

IMG_4532 IMG_4592 IMG_4593 IMG_4594 IMG_4598 IMG_4600-2 IMG_4601 IMG_4613 IMG_4709 IMG_4605 IMG_4624 IMG_4636 IMG_4710

We had a yummy breakfast as well in Goodway hotel. After that the guys went out for golf and left us girls somewhere in a Mall for shopping. It is just very good to have a friend in a foreign country that can bring, tour or even drive you around when you don’t know where to go. Hope you like this quick post of our yummy and delicious foods! Looking forward to be in Batam very soon again! I swear shopping is very cheap there! haha! Read Part 1 of my Batam Post HERE Thanks guys! God Bless

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23 thoughts on “BATAM ESCAPE (SEA-FOOD)

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  2. The dishes looks so good that it got me so hungry. Having them together with your loved ones are priceless. ^_^

  3. mouthwatering dishes, crabs is one of my favorite sea food dish it so yummy! Nkakagutom naman bagay sa tanghalian. 🙂

  4. Seeing all those food made me hungry! It’s lunch time na din naman xD i wish each meal have names though :3

  5. whoa! looks like you guys had a sumptuous meal. now i’m hungry. suddenly realized it’s almost lunch time and i still have nothing to eat. argh!

  6. The food all looks good and tasty, it makes my tummy growls seeing those enticing food you had there.

  7. Hmmmm… food plus friends plus a nice tasting cigar equals a great sea food escape.

    I love sea food, too. Lobster, mussels and king prawns are my faves.

  8. Overwhelming food photos in here. I love seafoods but I ate them in moderation. Yah know, cholesterol attack hehe.

  9. I would want to visit Batam on one of my visit in Singapore in the future to see the place and appreciate the food.

  10. “Hello There Camera!” @video that’s so cute! I love making travelogue videos too and I enjoyed your trip to Batam. I made me wanna visit Batam too

  11. sea food galore no fancy eating place but the food most probably compensate for the ambience – this is real Indonesian dining experience…

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