So as the title goes, Not really escaped or something, Just trying to make the title more exage haha! Though, I am very happy to tell that one of my Dover Girl-friends joined us that time. Yes! Ms Nelia my ilongga friend living in the same Condo happily came in Batam with us and enjoyed so much the whole time she was there. Well, Thanks to her very nice employer Who actually allowed her to come with us that time though, It was her work time and work day every saturday. Ms. Nelia is very good helper of Stepp family. She’s working so hard to supply all the things for her kids and education back in Philippines. So a bunch of thank you to The family for letting her have her much early day off. Enjoy the photos guys!


At Harbour front waiting for boarding time.


The funny building you see when you ride the ferry. Not sure what it was though.


Riding the ferry! woot! It took 15 to 20 minutes from Singapore to Batam Indonesia.

IMG_4551 IMG_4561 IMG_4562

 Inside Good way hotel.

IMG_4569-1 IMG_4582 IMG_4725 IMG_4682 IMG_4698 IMG_4735

So I hope you guys liked this post of mine and I am looking forward to tell a lot of story about my Dover Girls and my friends who’s my family in Singapore. I am missing the shopping and the nice relaxing massage in Batam Indonesia! Thanks guys! See you all God Bless! x0x0

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