Another OOTD post for today guys! As much as every girls are excited looking at their own closet full of gorgeous clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and other stuffs, Most of the time we’re all shocked that we actually forgotten most of our clothes that’s been there inside for years. It’s like Narnia! haha Joke! But anyway, I am sure most of us have tons of clothes that we forgot to wear after we dumped them inside the closet together with the price tag as well. A lot of shoes we bought that we haven’t tried wearing until these days. I admit that I am one of those girls who religiously do that thing. But I am a full-time mom and wife I don’t get my whole time going outside to watch movies or meet up with my girls for days/weeks. Though, I know I can’t use that as an excuse, I am trying my best to wear them all at least. Enjoy! x0x0


IMG_3698 IMG_3699 IMG_3702

 I have this Blue backless top for so long already in my closet. As far as I can remember I bought this in bugis street first time I arrived here in Singapore. It’s been like 4years already. I’ve worn this once before but after that I totally forgot that I have this lovely thing inside my closet.

IMG_3704 IMG_3760 IMG_3762

It may look dis-respectful because as you all can see I took these OOTD photos inside the Kranji War Cemetery here in Singapore & My apology for that. My father-in-law wanted to visit this place and waited until this year to see this beautiful and peaceful place. We are trying to find some names that he knows from the war but sad to say that we did our best to read all the names written on the wall and on the books as well but failed to find it. It’s my first time to come here as well. I am stunned of how this place looks so gorgeous with all the flowers and everything. Kudos to those gardener and cleaner who maintained this place. They are doing their job amazingly that you may find yourself asking how did they do that. Its just sad as well that some of the tombs there doesn’t have names. Just thinking how sad those families that never had a chance to even find their loved ones who died from the war. Anyways, I hope you guys like this OOTD of mine! Thanks Guys! God BLess x0x0

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