It’s been months since my father-in-law visited Singapore. I nearly forgot all the things we did on that period of time his here. I’ve got tons of backlogs to blog. I am trying my best to actually post all of them here. Some is still in my drafts waiting to be published. But because of the video’s that’s related to them are not yet finish and currently in the process of editing I need to wait some more. Kranji is a place where 4,461 World War II casualties buried or commemorated, of which more than 850 of these are unidentified. It is indeed so sad-looking at those tombs that doesn’t even have their names written on it. Maybe some of the bodies still some where around here buried but never have a chance to find them.

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My father-in-law wanted to visit this place for so long already but he needed to wait until this year. We’ve heard or read some of the blogs that it is very hard to get in here. But it’s actually very easy! You can actually walk to catch a taxi outside or wait a bus. The distance is not that far as some body might be exaggerating it. You might one to spend some time visiting this place. It’s gonna be a total mixed emotions. You will feel great and amazed how this place is well maintained by the gardeners and cleaners. Kudos to all of them. We tried finding some names as well that my father-in-law seems to know from the war but sad to say that We’ve read all the names written in their books and even on the walls but we failed to find it. I actually love this place. Very peaceful, You can be happy just by looking at those flowers blooming all around the place. If ever you wanted to visit be sure to bring hat, umbrella, water bottle, sunglasses and wear comfortable clothes and be sure your not hungry or bring some snacks because there’s no restaurants or small stalls of foods around the place. Better be prepared. Hope you guys like this post! Thanks guys! GOd Bless x0x0

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  1. this is very much like the American Cemetery in Makati, only it’s the British soldiers here. If you saw the movie, Bridge of the River Kwai, you will see an example of how much the British and Australian soldiers suffered during WWII.

  2. “They Died For All Free Men”

    What a poignant statement.
    The place looks so serene.
    I have to agree with you, you were in a hurry perhaps.
    Some sentences needs a little touch up editing.
    But the photos speaks more of it.

  3. The place looks similar to American Memorial Cemetery here in the Philippines and I have yet to visit both of them. Maybe sometime soon. ^_^

  4. I have been to Singapore so many times but have not visited this place 🙁 Seems to be an interesting place to visit. Looks similar to our American Memorial Cemetery in Taguig.

    1. i am not sure i wasn’t asking too much that time! his very keen to find this people. but sad to say a lot of them don’t have names.

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