Hello guys! This is just another so random blogpost of mine. My laptop is still on the work backing-up all my files and it will take days before it will finish or so. The reason why I need to wait for it to finish, is because I cannot save anything yet on my laptop. I don’t have enough space yet for new photos and videos. I’m too lazy like that not to back up my files, photos, videos and other stuffs. So it’s my fault in the first place why its taking so long to finish. So for this random post. I’ve been spazzing for these shoes for like months now. All photos here, I got from pinterest Follow me here. Start browsing, You might see something you’ll like also. Enjoy!





 I actually saw the same design like this from ALDO SHOES and I am very eager like that, That I have to visit almost all ALDO SHOES branches around orchard road. But as what always happens, They don’t have my size and that is the last piece already. How sad could you feel and full of grumpiness feeling when I am in that situation.

 DAS 12 I guess?

I wanted this shoes so badly! Its like very me! haha! Black and gold describes my personality. I own 2 pairs of DAS shoes already. But sad to say that I haven’t tried wearing them ever since I bought them. Which majority of my shoes collection or even my clothes haven’t been worn for so long now and what surprises me sometimes  is they still have price tag or I am always shocked that I actually have that shoes or clothes already haha! I guess most of us is like that!


Well, All of this are just my inspirations of what to buy next time. I already thought of totally buying one of them though the luck is not coming yet. Where can I actually find those pieces or whether they have my size is still a big question. I still have tons of wish lists or a lot of things is still inside my head right now. Some of them will be pinned on my Pinterest Boards forever hoping that one day I can actually afford to buy them or maybe one day I can find them and lucky to have my size.  How about you? Do you have your own wish list? Thanks for dropping guys! God Bless x0x0

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31 thoughts on “WISHLIST: ZARA / RIVER ISLAND SHOES etc.

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  3. i always favor boots rather than sandals, these collections are indeed beautiful, i wish to have atleast one of that.

  4. Same here. Always too lazy to back up my files. Hehe. I love everything in your wishlist. Really fab!


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