Hello guys! I am sure as sure that most of you guys knew already that Michelle Phan visited Singapore last July 29, 2012 at Vivo City in front of Tangs. I know that this blogpost is so late already for the Michelle Phan fever. But well, It’s better to be late than never right? I have been watching Michelle Phan’s video on youtube for years already. I am not a make up expert or anything. I don’t even put eyeshadow on my lids or foundation on my face. But as a girl, I will still be amazed on how make-ups can do amazing things and change your appearance on a day-to-day basis. How it does much miracle that you can be Angelina Jolie look a like or even Michelle Phan herself! Well, I am so excited when I received her youtube video on my email saying that she will be visiting Singapore! It’s my once and a lifetime chance to see her! I marked my calendar and alarmed my phone for just this moment. It’s not me who’s very excited as well! Even my daughter Ashlee who watched her video of Barbie make-up and lady gaga tutorial like forever was so excited when I told her that she’s coming here in Singapore.

Don’t you like her spikey denim blazer? I’m sure I saw one at topshop the other day! haha! I love how she’s so humble and very entertaining to everyone! Everyone was so alive and excited. Brought their own camera’s for once in a lifetime opportunity of Michelle Phan in Singapore! Did you noticed her middle finger with gorgeous ring? Beyonce that is! haha!

Michelle Phan at the Fans Meet and Greet session hosted by Jean Danker at Vivo City. I am so happy that I brought my long lens that time or else it would have been a major disaster that my short lens cannot reached her. A lot of people watched her appearance in Vivo City that I had to stand at the back of all these Michelle Phan Fans! Lucky I am that tall enough wearing heels to be able to see her.

I am more than happier than ever when I saw this on Michelle Phan’s youtube account. She added my video on her favourites and liked it! For the first time I saw it I was like a kid acting so happy joy!joy! Jumping around the house. I am so “mababaw” like that. I know hehe! Well there are few other videos that she added on her favourites and liked as well.  I am just glad that they change the time more earlier at the last day of her appearance. I guess the original time was 3:00pm but I’ve read on twitter or maybe on Lacóme’s fb page or Ion Orchard’s fb page that they changed the time to 12pm! Well, I am so glad and happy seeing her in Singapore and few of her instagram photos that she was walking around Orchard Road doing some shopping. She’s a terrific girl! She deserved all the things that she have now as she is very humble to everyone. Hope you guys liked this post! Thanks guys! x0x0 God bless!

Good luck! – Michellephan.

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