Heya guys! As the title goes, Once upon a lunch time, The other day was so random that my husband and I were both craving for japanese foods. Sushi rolls tempura and so on. About the time that I finished doing some random cleaning at home my husband asked me to go down with him at the nearest NTUC/Fairprice grocery store in our place which is just a walking distance. So we arrived at the grocery and stood in front of this all japanese food stuffs or ingredients that we need to make one of the foods we actually craved. By the time were finished queueing at the counter, I’m stunned looking at my trolley full of japanese seaweeds etc. Yes, We use trolleys here in Singapore for groceries since we don’t have “tingi-ngi” or mini store here. Everything you’ve gotta buy will be in bottles or big package.


This was my first attempt of sushi rolls. How I love eating them like a popcorn. Not bad eh? I used our native table place-mat to roll this since we don’t have sushi mats and I admit that we planned this cooking just that day so were not that very prepared. I tried putting cucumber inside. I made some as well yesterday with crabstick! It taste too good for me. It is the new comfort food for all of us!


Made this sliced veggies with tempura and deep-fried it! Oh! it was heaven indeed. Nice trick also to let your kids eat veggies! It’s carrots, potatoes, long beans and long green chilli’s! We put too much water so it was not fully covered with tempura but still yummy though.


This was the prawns/shrimps that we deep-fried as well with tempura. A good choice for us!

IMG_4952 IMG_4946 IMG_4947

Japanese food wouldn’t be complete without wasabi! I totally love wasabi, Well not too much of it since it is too spicy than any other spicy foods or dip I’ve tasted before. It stings like crazy and clean your nose and ears, You can even feel your head feeling cold that the spicy-ness will come out thru your eyes! haha I am not kidding, That’s the feeling when you have too much of wasabi. All I can say now is that japanese food will be an addition to be served to our future visitors, friends and relatives. I just need a little more practice to master everything! I wanted to try pork tonkatsu as well. It’s my husband and I’s favourite ever since. I guess I’ve said a lot of things for this random post. Hope you guys liked this randomness of my hubby. We will try to make a video of it in the future and don’t forget to practice and eat with chopsticks to feel the japanese vibes when you eat them! Thanks guys! x0x0

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  6. I am super in love with Jap food too! Not bad for your first attempt. Everything looks good! Yum!!! 😀 My boyfriend loves cooking too. I wish we can be together too so I can cook with him as well. He lives in the UK 🙁 So sad 🙁

  7. Wow, home made japanese dishes, I am a shrimp tempura kind of person. It sure taste yummy and next time you cook them its going to be perfect.

  8. I never tried any Japanese food, poor me 🙁
    And I also wanna try it even just once in my lifetime too 🙂

  9. I love to eat Japanese food too. Katsudon and Tempura are my top list. About wasabi …hmmmm…you won’t regret anything partner it with sushi…LOVE IT!

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