I just wanna share this post to everyone who loves teddy bears, To all kids and of course to those who’s young at heart! Who wouldn’t love teddy bears right? Well not just teddies at all. They all have hips of selections from different animals to fabulous hello kitties! Yes! Build–A–Bear Workshop in Harbourfront Singapore is a great family activities to do. Here they will enjoy how to build their own teddy bears. Step by step they will assist you on how to create the bear you ever wanted and imagine. Put sounds and choose the cutest dress and accessories you could ever think of!

These are the step by step on how you’re going to create your very own and unique teddy bears!

You can choose from this wide varieties of designs of teddies or animals or hello kitties you’ll like.      Of course the better your teddy bears will look like the pricey it gets as well.

How cute right? These are their displays from outside of the store. Calling and attracting all the kids passing by. They’re so cute that you want to have them now! I know! haha!

Selections of dresses to put on to your teddies! You can be sporty with karate uniform or soccer or even cheerleaders! They even have Disney princesses clothes as well!

Very cute shoes I know! They have in high heels as well or even roller blades!

Gorgeous accessories indeed!

Don’t you like these Hello kitties flirting with you! With animal printed paws as well! Very “fasyown”

Gorgeous and very elegant looking teddies with their super shiny long hairs!

Cool in leathers too! Rockin’ Harley-Davidson! Woohoo!

If you’re too kind to buy and give this lovely pink cabinet for a perfection and to keep those dresses and accessories you bought for your kiddies in neatly tight condition then why not? haha!

This is the teddy bear we bought for Claire. We named her Chloe.

Ashlee’s teddy bear! She named it Rizella. Bought all the additional dresses and accessories for her too!

How sweet right? Credits to Ms. Kristi Stepp for taking her photo together with her first ever teddy bear during Sylvia’s Birthday last July. As you can see as well, After you beautify and personalised your very own teddy bears, They will asked you to do the birth certificate process of your teddy. They will scan you teddies and put their records all together so in the future if it happens that you ruin or done something wrong with your teddies you can put it back in their store and repair it for you. They will know if the teddies came from them. Cool eh? The whole process of teddy making or doing the workshop is very cool. You can actually celebrate your kids birthdays here and do the activities altogether with their friends. Of course you have to think of the budget as well. The dress I bought for Ashlee’s teddy is worth 25sgd. just for one and 15sgd just for a pair of shoes! haha! Well I guess it’s all worth it seeing your kids very happy right? Hope you guys liked this post of mine! x0x0

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