Hello guys! I am back again blogging and writing random things happened this past few days or may I say months already since I posted a lot of backlogs to my drafts but never seem to find time to actually write something. I’ve been just spazzing around my laptop doing silly things and not being so productive. Well, I admit that whenever I have my pinterest on my laptop I totally cannot do anything. I’ve been changing everything. I think a lot of things but nothing seems to happen haha! I am too lazy like that sometimes. For today, I wanted to share some photos I took at New Asia Bar with our Aussie friendly visitors. They had a stop-over here in Singapore after visiting Dubai I think. Enjoy the photos!


New Asia Bar at night. Wondering why I am not in the photos with them? It’s because I have to stay with my daughter in the lounge room since kids is not allowed inside! haha! Lucky I’ve been there many times already. I’m glad they love the scenery as well while drinking Margaritas.


Next stop was Raffles hotel which is just a walking distance as well from New Asia Bar. After the yummy margarita we went down and so happy seeing two Ferrari’s parked outside of the hotel. I love Singapore Sling! I love them most while eating their most yummiest peanuts! I feel like an elephant that time!


Picture perfect at Chjimes! Look scary too! How I love going there and have some dinner with wine!


Another great photo at Clarke Quay! Love the lighting here!


So as the title goes, We visited four places in one night only! Pretty amazing huh? That is why I love Singapore, Everything you see or anywhere you go is such a lovely place and such have good sceneries to enjoy! Plus the transportation is very good too! Amazed by the good scenery at New Asia Bar, Tasted the yummy and famous Singapore Sling at the Long Bar Raffles hotel, Felt the goodness and good ambiance at Chjimes and Enjoyed the bar hopping at Clarke Quay in one night is such a spectacular places to go and visit. Specially if you only have few days to stay in Singapore.

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  1. I just realized I’m way overdue for another trip to Singapore. The last time I’ve been there, I was still a kid. First off in the agenda is that bar with the breathtaking view of the cityscape.

  2. NIGHT LIFE in Singapore with some special friends and beloved family… Certainly, a night to remember. With those colorful bright lights illuminating that made the evening even more special.

  3. I haven’t tried being in these places in Singapore at night, most of the time after the day tour we were so tired that we go to sleep immediately as soon as we arrived in the hotel. Nest I will try walking around Singapore at night =)

  4. I’ve only been to Chijmes and Clark Quay 😀 I passed by the Raffles Hotel but didn’t really go inside. I wish I can go back and tour more 😀

  5. SIngapore is really beautiful at night. The bright lights really complement Singapore’s structures especially in the Clarke Quay area.

  6. You are so right, sis! There’s definitely a ton of places to see in SG even at night. It’s also true that roaming around the city gets more convenient as public transportation is always available, especially their MRT. 🙂 That’s why I love visiting SG. 🙂

  7. wow! Four places in one night! it must have been a long and enjoyable one you didn’t notice the time. I can see your daughter had a great time

  8. hehehe lagi ko din na experience na matamad magpost kahit tambak na backlog:) you really enjoyed the night 🙂 Ganda talaga ng Sg

  9. So glad you have finally come up with a new blog post, I also experience that. Sometimes I get lazy until I am inspired again. Cheers! 🙂

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