Yes! There’s hello and there’s goodbye as well. My father in law arrived in Singapore last Month and enjoyed the summer heat of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and played golf in Batam Indonesia. Two of my friends as well who’s at the same time going back to Philippines for a long vacation or holiday. As a tradition in Dover Parkview, We all love doing and having barbecue in any kind of celebrations. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Long holidays, Despedida parties you name it! That’s how Filipinos here in our Condo or other nationalities enjoy each others company with the good food of course!


This time as I’ve said earlier, It’s a despedida party for my father in law and my two friends as well.  Miss nelia who marinates and I can say that she’s the expert in doing all of the preparations from marketing to marinating to sticking the meats in the skewers and even from grilling too! She’s a multi-tasking girl.


Thanks to the other Dover girls as well who spent their time helping us even though their busy. You know who you are guys! You deserved a warm thank you and a hug from my family! haha!


Hi Leopold! I know you love them chickens! haha All the kids missing you guys already! Till that one day will be seeing you somewhere again!


Our new neighbour from France I believe, Baltazar enjoying his food also. He loves the apple pie!


Ashlee and Sylvia enjoying their foods as well. Pancit and chickens! Sorry for this a little bit gross photos hehe I just love how messy they eat and seeing them enjoying all the food!


Thanks to all of my friends who actually attended the barbecue that time. We truly appreciate all the efforts coming to our place and celebrated with us that night! Such true and loving friends we have here in Singapore. Even though they’re working very hard despite of being miles away from their families back in Philippines I would love to have more and more barbecues and grilling to come to see them smiling and laughing with us for the next coming years. Oh! and my father in law is missing Singapore now I guess! Until next time we will be exploring Malaysia our next home. Thanks guys! God Bless x0x0

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31 thoughts on “DESPEDIDA BARBECUE

  1. You have neighbors from the United Nations.. lol they look cuuuute

    The despidida seems to be fun fun fun.. There are lotsa barbecues.. Made me miss the US. I used to have a once a month bbq afternoon party.. lol

  2. glad you had a nice time bonding with one another before the farewells. that’s a good looking barbeque you had there… will try it sometimes, bbq with spices along with it… Yahweh bless.

  3. the kids looked really cute <3 and i agree barbeque makes a party so fun anf memorable :):)

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  4. wow.. bbq!!!! 😀 the foods looks delicious sis!!! 😀 makes me hungry now. hihihihihihi <3
    love the photos here.. <3

  5. now i want some bbq too! made me crave LOL 😛
    I never did a despedida when I left the Philippines, it looks so much fun!
    that’s very sweet of you to throw a party for him 🙂


  6. Omg the bbq made me hungry lol ?.. The despedida looks fun and alot of people are smiling heheh


  7. Ahhh a barbeque is always yummy and fun. During Christmas, our family and relatives on my father’s side would all meet up at my grandma’s house and we’d all have a wonderful time of sharing and laughter while having a barbeque. Of course we also end up with happy and full stomachs. It just makes Christmas all the more memorable. This post has made me quite nostalgic and.. hungry. hehe. 😛

  8. Looks like a fun filled barbeque party. It’s always fun to have barbeque with close friends and family.

  9. I remember when i was young, every time we had parties at home, we also had barbecue! It really is popular here in the Philippines. hahaha I’m glad that you guys are spreading the love for barbecue and pancit there too! I love Ashlee’s hair. Is it naturally curly? I wish my curls are like hers hehehe

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