Walking around the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is too hot and very tiring for all of us. You have to be in the total feeling of being so comfortable and very easy to hop in one place to another. A flat shoes, thongs/slipper is a must to bring whenever you travel or whenever you’ll go somewhere where you’ll be walking a lot. You need to be in the total comfort zone to enjoy the scenery and to enjoy the whole company of your loved ones, or your friends travelling with you.

But not for me. My husband loves to see me looking sexy and casual in high-heels. When-ever, Where-ever we might be and in any kind of weather. I even wear high-heels in the grocery store! Yes! You can call me a superwoman since I have this super power of walking around the whole day in high-heel shoes.

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A plaid top is a must in my closet now. I’ve been buying them recently since it is very comfortable and gives life to my simple jeans whenever we travel! Of course heels as well! Who can’t live without heels now? A simple tank top can look casual and sexy with skinny jeans and also with heels!

So the story goes, We walked around the whole Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a 3inches heel-shoes we bought in Charles and Keith. Well I have mine for a long time already and this shoes is my all times walking shoes haha! But since Sarah’s high-heels didn’t survived the long walk, We had to stop in Suria KLCC at Petronas Tower shopping mall to buy another high-heel shoes for her. We looked like twins now! We tried buying the black colour but then they didn’t have any sizes left for Sarah.

The party outfit! Sarah and I both wearing our girl’s night out sheer top while my daughter looks so pretty in pink dress! Of course we didn’t have enough time to even do most things that a girl can do before she attend a party so we just rushed and changed our clothes as fast as we can to be in time for the party. We enjoyed the whole time partying and got drunk! At least we still managed to walk back to the hotel that night. We enjoyed the whole time walking around in high-heels and enjoyed the scenery of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia my soon to be home! Thanks guys! God Bless x0x0

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31 thoughts on “#OOTD: JUST PLAID AND HEELS

  1. Love high heels hehe ?.. But walking around in high heels is something i cant do , like if i were to go out shopping , my feet starts to hurt after 3 hours lol , but if it was at a party i can wear them all night long lol …

    xx its-arianne.com

  2. buti ka pa, you can walk in high heels for hours!!! i can’t ;(


  3. syempre this is Charles and Keith. how can i not love this post????? i honestly wish i wasn’t busy so i got the chance to hoard during the GSS :(((

    1. i know! haha but neither me. I didn’t enjoy too much of the GSS but my sisters did! xx

    2. as far as i want to splurge last GSS i cannot! but my sisters did! haha xx

  4. When I first saw your header pictures, I thought you were a teenager! Seriously! 😀 Then I got surprised when you mentioned you have a husband. Haha. Good job on taking care of yourself, dear! 🙂


  5. What kind of heels you usually wear for a walkathon? I remember Bruno Mars whenever I see plaid button down shirt. 😀

    1. haha indeed i love bruno mars also! any high heels that feels very comfy and very light also! most shoes case looks very nice but oh so heavy naman! hehe xx

  6. Oh wow, the lady who tore the man’s sleeve is really strong! Hahaha even the man was surprised! eheheheh :))) You go girl! I can walk around in heels too especially if I’m wearing comfortable wedges 😉

    1. yes i do climb mountains in high heels amazing! at least dalwa n tau girl! haha xx

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